Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Hooray for The Snowy Day postage stamps featuring Ezra Jack Keats’ iconic illustrations, and coming in time for the holidays! [Image: U.S. Postal Service]

Good news for parents whose kids live on Instagram.

Busy mom Halloween costume ideas for babies. Whoo!

Everyone in our network is talking about this Harper’s article about gender equality, and how no, women aren’t nags.

Why teens are putting off typical rites-of-passage like driving. Should we be worried about delayed adulting?

President Obama is just a regular, loving father when it comes to his girls. Sniff.

One child’s sweet plea for Toys R Us not to close. (PS It’s not going to.)

We’re big fans of this 15 year-old advocate of girls’ education!

Great recipes for saving time on busy mornings and (maybe?) getting the kids to school on time.

Artist Gives Kids with Vitiligo Custom-Painted Dolls That Look Like Them | Kay Customz

These custom dolls are doing beautiful things to help boost self-esteem in kids. Read about artist Kay Black and what she’s doing for children with Vitiligo and Albinism. If you want to order, visit her site at Kay Customz and see her incredible work.

We’re also fans of these hijabi dolls made so that all kid can have dolls who look like them.

Would you ever need write a grocery shopping list like this for your significant other? Kind of at a loss for words, here.

If you want kids, better tell your significant other to lay off the shaving cream. Oy!

Smart ways to embrace autumn and find some inner balance as the seasons change.

Loving these fun kids’ t-shirts for Halloween (though our kids would wear them year round) but hurry, they won’t be around long.


The USNS Comfort is being deployed to help the victims in Puerto Rico | ways you can help at

If you haven’t yet taken a look at our post on ways to help the victims of Puerto Rico, we hope you’ll take a moment. We’ve all been feeling a combination of outrage, anger, sadness and helplessness, and knowing we can do something, whatever that is, goes a long way. For both us and especially for those in need.

Even if you can’t donate money right now, we’ve also included a list of other ways to help, like donating blood, sending essential supplies, contacting your elected representatives, or just using your social media platform to amplify the voices of those on the ground.

Much love to our friends, family, and fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands right now. – Liz, Kristen, and the CMP team.

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