Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

And really, what baby doesn’t need a pair of $250 Louboutin baby shoes, complete with red sole? Photo: Christian Louboutin

Maybe a better place to put your money: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new song, Almost Like Praying, features tons of incredible Latino artists and all the proceeds from downloads benefit the Hispanic Federation.

More ways to help Puerto Rico with this list of essential charities who still really need our help.

Bookmark this allergy-free Halloween candy guide to make trick-or-treating fun for more kids.

Where do you stand on teenagers who trick-or-treat? Polarizing issue!

The holiday gift idea that’s a huge hit with our Facebook fans.

A librarian advocates for allowing kids to read about subjects that make some people uncomfortable.

How The Roots are teaching kids about an important aspect of American history.

The UNICEF climate comics contest: The winning kid can have their idea developed with a real comic artist like this one from Animo Grande

We love UNICEF’s Climate Comic Contest! Have your kids enter by October 22 and they could win the chance to work with a professional comic artist to develop their very own superhero comic in time for Earth Day. (Find inspiration at

Wonderful story about a mobile library that brings books to kids in Zimbabwe via…donkey.

Kristen shares the items in her handbag she never leaves without. (Also, nice handbag!)

A moving video about learning how to be parents.

Some of our favorite musicians have been nominated for the Rock Hall of Fame.

Do you spy on your kids when you aren’t home?

Elevate your Rice Krispie treat game. Win!

Do you sit down to a family dinner every night?

A great list of books to help teach kids that not all friendships are healthy ones.

Why it’s important to let your kids see you make mistakes.

How to talk to girls — and boys — about periods. Blunt and funny!

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