Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

We’re blown away by these incredible homemade Halloween costumes by Brooklyn dad and illustrator Tad Hills. TimeOut NY put together a great photo series of Brooklyn kids modeling his costumes and we’re in love! [Top photo by Jessica Lin for TimeOut NY]

And be sure to check out these Halloween costumes inspired by real life heroes.

And since moms are all heroes, we’ve got some fun, easy costume ideas for you, too. Unless you want to go as yourself, of course.

Don’t miss this guide to Halloween candy and booze pairings.

This college is waiving tuition for displaced Puerto Rican students.

The NYC Public Libraries are doing the most wonderful thing for kids. Sniff.

We love the incredible women behind “I Dream Detroit.” What a great story!

Thanks to PureWow for including Spawned with Kristen + Liz on their list 7 of the best podcasts for parents. We’re in great company!

Raising Dion | Netflix series

Keep an eye out for the new Netflix series, Raising Dion, about raising a boy who just happens to be a superhero.

Everyone’s talking about the huge new TBH app and whether it’s safe for kids.

What we wish more people understood: you will not get anything done when you are at home with a baby.

A strong response to one website’s readers who piled on about all the things they hate about parents and children.

Why it’s great to have animals in a child’s life

Are you an introvert with extroverted kids? You’ll relate to this one mom.

Uh…we think we’ll pass on this new denim trend. Yikes.

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