Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

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We are totally here for this Southeast Asian Wonder Woman! Beauty expert Deepica Mutyala depicts her transformation (with the help of an incredible team) on Instagram and her YouTube channel, as part of a call to #BeYourOwnHero. Note her bangles instead of bracelets, a sari instead of a cape — they all have purpose. As she wrote: Just because you don’t see a hero (or any character) that looks like you out there, doesn’t mean you can’t be them. This Halloween, find parts of your identity, your culture, your personality and fuse them with anything YOU want to be – make it your own. 

Whoa: Some of the best pumpkin carvings this year. And… even more outrageous pumpkin carvings guaranteed to terrify your kids.

Here are some easy Halloween treats you can whip up fast, if you need something for tomorrow!

Our Facebook fans are loving this brilliant tip for keeping your Halloween pumpkin from rotting.

And don’t forget skinny Halloween cocktail recipes, to help balance out all that sugar! (For you. Of course!)

Wildlife Photographer Mia is the newest Lottie Doll and has a cochlear implant

We have loved Lottie dolls for a long time! Here’s to their new Lottie Doll with a cochlear implant, and why inclusion in the toy box matters. PS You can buy Wildlife Photographer Mia, shown above on the site. And here’s how your kids can submit their own design.

An anti-bullying PSA from Disney created entirely with emojis that younger kids can appreciate.

In light of the ongoing reports about sexual assault, a really beautiful, difficult, important article about talking to kids in a way to minimize victim blaming.

Thanks to the BSA’s Scouting Wire for writing about Kate’s piece on why one dedicated scout leader mom is okay with letting girls into the Boy Scouts.

Amazing (if NSFW) thread on Twitter about how libraries are more popular than ever in the digital age.

From the OH NO FREAKING WAY Files: Why one high school girl is being denied a winning sports trophy.

Now this is a homecoming queen we’d like to see in the next teen movie!

Fascinating article about the advantages for girls with a sense of humor.

Yes, parenthood will change you. Ha! And If you’re not following Dad and Buried you’re missing out!

You may want to sit out these beauty trends. Well…most of them.

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