Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Will Rey go dark in the Last Jedi? We are counting down the days!  [Poster photo via Mark Hamill on Twitter who you should be following.]

Beyonce is starring in the upcoming Lion King reboot and our Facebook fans are totally here for it! (Check out the full cast…whoa.)

Wow, you have to see this pro birth photographer’s top 20 favorite shots.

Okay, so if this OB-gyn delivered our children we might be a little freaked out. Eep.

A new Girl Scout patch that encourages young women to find their voices.

Why this aspect of the proposed GOP tax bill is going to hurt a lot of children.

Interesting: Why this new mom is resentful toward her husband.

Love these photos offering a glimpse of Black fatherhood in other parts of the world.

 5 of the worst car seat errors that parents make. Smart read.

We recently compared some of the most popular diet trends, while our friends at Fatherly weighed in with their non-fad dad diets.

Jonathan Chambers' homemade Diagon Alley

This Seattle dad’s homemade. full-size Diagon Alley brings magic alive for Harry Potter fans through the end of the year. Wow!  [Photo: Jonathan Chambers on Twitter. who’s looking for a place to donate it. Any ideas? Hit him up on Twitter.]

This Brooklyn girl wins for best birthday party idea ever.

Do these barriers prevent your kids from playing outside?

Epic Grandpa dance battle!

Would you watch a raunchy sitcom about women returning to work after maternity leave?

Why this mom threw away all her parenting books.

The most violent video games of 2017 you might want your kids to skip.

A catchy way to make sure your kids know to Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Looking forward to our friend Katherine Center’s upcoming book. Yay!

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