Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

How awesome! Mattel just made a Barbie with a hijab inspired by Ibtihaj Muhammad, the awesome US Olympic fencing champ we all fell in love with this year. Here’s to more of our girls seeing themselves reflected in the toys, books and culture around them. (Photo: Mattel)

Rousing cheers for Lin-Manuel Miranda who’s bringing Hamilton to Puerto Rico…at amazing prices to support the island!

Speaking of which, Puerto Ricans still need a lot of help for recovery in ways you might not have considered.Here are great orgs helping Puerto Rico that can use your support.. Here are the best orgs

Lupita Nyong’o makes an important statement about Black beauty. And hers radiates from the inside out. (Also, WTF Grazia Magazine? Do better.)

These Advent calendars are everything!

Okay, so this giant pop-up book is like the best thing ever. How can we get one?

Wow. From a mom who’s lost a child, why “thoughts and prayers” in the wake of tragedy are not enough.

The story of 4 year olds who have decided they are real life twins. Adorable. | Jia Sarnicola + Zuri Copeland via Buzzfeed

Above: We are absolutely in love with the viral story of besties Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland. They’re four, they have the same birthday (almost), they’re close as anything — and they have decided they are real life twins. Jia’s mom Ashley shares the story on Buzzfeed and the pictures are just to die for. May all our kids have a BFF this special. (Photos via Ashley Sarnicola)

Keep your eye out for The Paper Bag Princess Movie. And guess who’s directing!

Would you take your kid to a rock concert? Psst…one of us did and she’s telling all.

We love this online shopping program for teens to help teach responsibility as an online consumer.

Fighting in front of the kids: Not necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe parents shouldn’t force kids to show physical affection to relatives during the holidays.

Amazing tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving. (Well, more stress-free.)

Traveling for the holidays? This new app could be a total lifesaver. 

If you like shopping for practical gifts, you’re not alone!

Are you noticing weird symbols in your text messages? Here’s how to fix them.

We’re a little horrified reading that this private school is selling bulletproof backpack panels to students.

Bernadette the Brave | Allison Zapata

Check out Bernadette the Brave, a sweet kids’ book from our friend Allison Zapata, whose family lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. What a lovely holiday gift for your children that also supports a family who can use a boost right now.

When your school’s robocaller is a tool of the patriarchy. Wonderful essay.

Elizabeth Perkins comes out with her own #MeToo story. Ugh.

Important post about how to talk with our kids about sexual harassment and assault.

Oh geez. So now we’re calling millennial parents “parennials.”

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