Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too!

In love with this adorable stocking stuffer to help get kids in the kitchen. Especially if they’re Harry Potter fans. Great find from Cool Mom Eats!

Be sure to check out our massive list of Black Friday weekend discounts — some are good through Monday and beyond. Whoo!

Don’t miss these recipes for Thanksgiving leftover which we know you still have.

Wow: The real life stories of two families who relate to the Wonder movie in a very personal way.

Love the story of this man who went to extremes on Black Friday for a cause.

Nice list of empowering books for kids of all ages that make great gifts.

Toy decluttering tips – something we all need this time of year!

Portrait of a stuffed animal before…and after a childhood of love. Sniff.

Need to laugh? You need to see Kristen and Liz reminiscing about the bad trends of their childhoods. (Although their kids’ responses may be the best part.)

Weed advent calendar

Yes, a weed advent calendar exists. Perfect mother-in-law gift! (Kidding.)

We enjoyed talking to Laurie Berkner about her upcoming album. Now, it’s here!

How a Girl Scout sold 1,514 boxes of cookies. Oh, and she’s 8.

Could this new piece of safety equipment for youth football players change the game for kids?

The most violent video games of 2017 to avoid for your kids this holiday. Yikes.

Fueling nostalgia: Cabbage Patch Kid trivia. How did you do?

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