We’re road-trip regulars at Cracker Barrel, with its gigantic menu, clean bathrooms, and super fun general store —  which always makes for a fun way to stretch our legs before we cram our big family back in the car again.  So I’m pretty excited to welcome them as our newest sponsor at Cool Mom Picks. (Whoo, welcome!)

What you may not know is that Cracker Barrel has a pretty extensive online store too, so if you had your eye on a holiday gift at their shop while you were on the road and didn’t have a chance to grab it, you can shop for it right from home and have it shipped to your door.

If you haven’t been to a Cracker Barrel in awhile — or at all (what!?) — I think you’ll love the fun gifts my kids and I found when we stopped by our local restaurant and store. Some of them you can’t even find anywhere else!

Let’s just say when we started playing, as you can see, my kids didn’t want to leave.

10 surprising holiday gifts you can find at Cracker Barrel | Sponsor

Neither did my fiancé. Ha.

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Gihugic Candy Gifts

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Extra large candy bars and gifts | sponsor

No surprise that my kids were obsessed with the kid-sized candy bars and gifts they found in the shop. Pretty brilliant gift to bring to a holiday party. Just think how well a huge Snickers bar or other Mega Candy would go over on a dessert table, or with a group of kids! Or check out the selection of nostalgic classic candy from taffy to giant tubs of Dubble Bubble — awesome for so many of the sweet-tooth friends on our list.

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Gumball machine | sponsor

The candy selection can also make for a fun gift idea for families with multiple kids. My kids have been begging me for a gumball machine forever, and when you think about it, you’re getting a gift for four kids at $24.99 that keeps on giving all year long.

Or if you want a little something the kids won’t fight over (ha), for just $4.99 each — before our discount — you can find some cool vintage bubble gum gift mason jars. Sweet!

Quality Kitchen Gear

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Lodge Cast Iron pans | sponsor

My foodie fiancé was impressed with the kitchen gear, particularly the USA-made Lodge cast iron pots, pans and griddles they have in various shapes and sizes. This one is just $23.99 online before the 30% off discount — and I love that you can order online and have it shipped to you or your destination so you don’t have to lug around a heavy cast-iron pan!

Fun Sodas to mix and match

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Fun sodas | sponsor

The wall of sodas is a pretty cool feature at the Cracker Barrel store, allowing you to create your own four-pack out of their huge offerings. It’s a clever hostess gift, especially with so many people bringing wine or alcohol; the kids and abstainers — don’t forget those pregnant mamas! — will thank you.

Or if you’re shopping online, check out the soda selection for someone who’d love a 12-pack of Caruso’s Limoncello Soda or Olde Brooklyn Coney Island Cream Craft Soda.

Kids Toys, in every price range

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Remote control helicopter | sponsor

Alright, so maybe the fact that Cracker Barrel has kids’ toys isn’t that surprising, but the various offerings, especially in different price ranges, was pretty stellar. My girls grabbed this remote control helicopter for my son, along with a fun basketball hoop game.

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Stuffed animal moose | sponsor

And I had a heck of a time trying to pry a jumbo plush reindeer out of my youngest’s hands!

I love having a few extra kids’ gifts on hand in case a last-minute party invite comes in, or a cousin I didn’t account for shows up at a family gathering. So it’s great to stock up online affordably — and to know I can stop in to grab and go while on the road, too.

Popular Beauty Products

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Burt's Bees | sponsor

My teen immediately gravitated to the wall of beauty products, which I was thrilled to see includes popular brands we already love like Burt’s Bees. She discovered everything from lip glosses and lipsticks, to hand moisturizers and body creams. Tween/teen girl heaven!

Cool Star Wars gifts

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Star Wars t-shirts | sponsor

Like pretty much everyone else, we’re counting down the days to Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, so a Star Wars gift is a sure bet for someone on your list. I found cool Star Wars t-shirts for adults and kids, whether you’re shopping for a Galactic Rebel or someone who’s feeling the Dark Side.

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Star Wars Pez | sponsor

I loved finding a few other creative Star Wars gifts at the store, like this Millennium Falcon Pez set that’s fun for both big and little fans. Plus, Harrison Ford Pez head is the best.

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Adorable Holiday baby gifts

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Holiday baby gifts | sponsor

There are a lot of fun clothing and accessories for babies and kids on the Cracker Barrel site which make great gifts. Margo was all about the Christmas tree headband, while Bridget was wishing the adorable Rudolph onesie would fit her. (Aw.) I also love this cute moose plaid hooded towel set — amazing baby or toddler gift at a great price!

Record Players. Really good ones. 

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Crosley Peanuts record player | sponsor

Who knew Cracker Barrel carried Crosley record players? This beloved retro-style audio brand makes some of the best on the market, including this adorable Peanuts Portable Turntable, which would make any tween or teen (like mine here) squeal. Or you know, break a tiny smile. I’ll take what I can get.

Sports Gear: Let’s go Flyers! 

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Flyers gear| sponsor

You’ll find no shortage of cool sports gear online, and it’s definitely worth snatching up with our exclusive 30% off discount code!  Around here in Philadelphia, Flyers gear is a hot commodity so my hockey-playing son was psyched to find local team gear at the store! And it’s nearly impossible to find Eagles gear, let alone at such great prices, and there’s a great selection online.

Funny hostess gifts 

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Elvis ornament | sponsor

I love giving gifts with a sense of humor to my friends, and I was surprised to find a bunch of funny gifts that would totally crack them up. I’m pretty sure everyone needs an Elvis ornament on their tree, right? Pro tip: We love using ornaments as gift tags to hang off a wrapped present and make it a little more personal.

Surprising holiday gifts at Cracker Barrel: Coffee mug | sponsor

There are a ton of funny coffee mugs available at Cracker Barrel too, but this is the one that cracked me up most. Because when you’re a parent, it’s 100% true.

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Thanks to our sponsor Cracker Barrel for offering up a great discount on such fun holiday gift ideas and giving me an excuse to run around the shop being silly with my kids!

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