As writers who live on our laptops, tablets and phones — sometimes admittedly all three at once — you could safely call us multi-taskers around here. I mean, what mom isn’t? What person isn’t? It’s just…life these days.

We’re tweeting while we’re streaming awards shows, we’re scrolling Instagram while catching up on podcasts, we’re browsing our calendars (and okay, sometimes playing the 1010 app) while we’re on conference calls.

So we are overjoyed to introduce you to a brand new sponsor of ours, because they totally 100% get us, get our crazy lives, and get how to make said crazy lives easier through technology: The revolutionary new Axon M smartphone by ZTE.

Let’s just say that getting to play with this super cool Android phone over the past month since its launch — and um, trying to keep my kids’ hands off it! — has been a blast.

So we’re rolling out a series of videos where I get to show you just what kind of coolness you can expect from the foldable, dual screen smartphone. I think you’ll be able to relate.

Presenting: Dinner and a Movie…Multitasking Style!

The Axon M has got four different modes including an extended mode to turn your phone into a mini tablet and a mirror mode so the kids can watch the same video even when I have to separate them (ha). It of course folds flat into a standard smartphone size, perfect for calls. But my favorite mode has to be the dual screen mode, which lets you run two apps at once, side-by-side, with ease. So instead of DMing on one device while browsing your music library on another…well, you can do both at once in the same place.

It’s also got a serious protection plan: The free two-year Axon Passport M Program. Parents everywhere will be cheering that.

Want to learn more? Visit our guide to the hottest new tech gifts of 2017, or check it out exclusively at AT&T.

Thanks so much to our sponsor, ZTE USA, for making the first dual-screen smartphone with four configurations and unlimited possibilities for a multi-tasking world.


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