Here are some of the cool things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Immigrants are front and center in the news, again. If your kids are asking questions, here are 9 lovely children’s books about the immigrant experience to help encourage more kindness and empathy like MIgrant, above, by Maxine Trotter.

Contrary to popular belief, your ancestors’ names were probably not changed at Ellis Island. (h/t Jen Mendelsohn)

An excellent, statistical analysis of DACA’s impact on families via fivethirtyeight.

Devastated reading about the Detroit father of three and 30-year US resident who was deported and separated from his family — on MLK Day, no less.

If MLK Day inspired you to commit to more service with your family this year, this list of ideas is fantastic.

The Shoe that Grows: Brilliant invention you can support to ensure kids without shoes get shoes that last.

We are in love with The Shoe That Grows! See how you can support this innovative non-profit delivering innovative, affordable shoe that grows with a child who might otherwise go barefoot.

And you thought your kids liked paper airplanes. Whoa.

Resolution time: 15 of the best healthy choices at Trader Joe’s right now.

Hilarious tweets that sum up parenting teens. (Wendi Aarons‘ tweet kills us!)

Here’s a terrific reference if you’re wondering what your teens are thinking.

Film fans: Don’t miss this reference to all the Black films at Sundance. We are going to have a lot to add to our streaming queues pretty soon! (And we will not miss anything with Daveed Diggs, BTW.)

Our own Caroline Crawford Siegrist on having a baby in the age of climate change.

Thoughts on the very problematic issue of doctors not believing Black women when they report pain.

Pee on the IKEA Ad to get a discount if you're pregnant? Well, not exactly

No, you don’t really have to pee on that IKEA ad targeting pregnant women. Unless you want to. But um…don’t.

The selfie app the world can’t stop playing with right now!

In light of #MeToo, how will Super Bowl ads depict women this year?

Our editor Liz Gumbinner talks to Adweek about “booth babes” at CES. Again.

The Sesame Street book addressing autism: We're Amazing 1 2 3!

The author of a new Sesame Street book explains how she approached writing about Julia, a muppet with autism.

Why one dad doesn’t mind his children using “potty words”

Sad to hear about the loss of Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries. Listen to this amazing track of O’Riordan’s isolated vocals on Zombie, and raise a pint to her.

The danger is real: Please have your whole family get their flu shots if they have not already.

Help is here:how to help comfort kids who are afraid of needles.

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