Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

“You are no longer victims. You are survivors, you’re very strong.” – The Honorable Rosemary E Aquilina.

While some say Judge Aquilina’s condemnation of convicted assaulter and pedophile Larry Nassar “crossed a line” we beg to disagree. Strongly. After sitting in a courtroom and listening to 156 powerful, heartbreaking statements of women who were victimized as young as 6 years old, we think her words were rather restrained. And necessary. We honor her impassioned support of each and every one of these brave women.

Above: An incredible portrait of Judge Aquilina by artist TL Duryea, sold immediately with proceeds in part supporting the Times Up Legal Defense Fund [updated]. All of TL’s artwork is pretty wonderful, and especially her portraits. But the righteous indignation, and complex emotions she captured in her representation of Judge Aquillina is truly powerful. To see more of her work, you can follow @T_Duryea on Instagram, or visit her website.

(And cheers to CMP friend, author, and forever-ally Mike Adamick who purchased the artwork — then had it sent to the Judge’s own office.)

While it’s incredibly painful and difficult, if you haven’t yet read the USA Gymnastics survivors in their own words, this Glamour article has done a beautiful job highlighting them.

Very glad to hear the entire USAG board is required to resign within the week. It’s a small start, but a start.

A positive Women’s March commemorative puzzle that’s kind of blowing us away.

Great roundup of photos of inspiring signs from the Women’s March (including one taken by our own Liz!)

Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain, walking the walk on equal pay for all women….together. Love this story so much.

Real diversity in the 2018 Oscars nominees, yes! (Now if only parents had time to actually see them all!)

CVS will stop accepting photoshopped beauty product ads
Cheers to thanks to EVP of CVS Health, Helena Foulkes, who’s directed CVS to stop using photoshopped beauty images and is encouraging the beauty brands they sell to do the same. Wow.

We’re also so thrilled about Lupita Nyong’o’s new children’s book celebrating the beauty of dark skin and loving yourself for who you are.

Can’t believe this viral Facebook post about a woman seeking help for PPD — only to have her nurse call the police on her. Totally unacceptable.

More misinformation about pregnancy length and women’s medical care, this time from a really disturbing source — with a very big platform.


Who else is excited for Ava Duvernay’s A Wrinkle in Time reboot in 6 weeks?

And hey, maybe you’re the next Ava Duvernay? Check out Disney and Nissan’s search for the next visionary director and enter by February 2.

Setting DVRs for: the new Black Lightning show, celebrating a diverse Black cast, Black writers, and Back producers. Photo: The CW

File under Dubious Fashion Trends: thigh-high Ugg boots. And don’t miss our hilarious discussion of crazy beauty trends, along with other popular Spawned podcast episodes!

Here’s a fashion choice we do like: Stylish purses that double as device-chargers.

In baby gear land, we have to smile at Mindy Kaling’s tricked-out Jeremy Scott baby stroller.

A surprising benefit of parenting: an immune system boost.

But just in case you (or your kids) get sick, did you know you can make cough syrup in your Instant Pot? What??

In news of the weird: The actor who played Barney the Dinosaur is now…uh…well, just read the story. And don’t tell the kids.

Finally, HUGE kudos to our own longtime CMP contributor Delilah S Dawson who’s gone from penning the cult favorite Captain Phasma Star Wars book, to the new XFiles comic series! The truth is out there…and we’re going to shake her down for it.

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