Here are some of  the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

The Olympics ceremonies starts tonight! We are totally blown away by this team USA Olympics cake by Molly Yeh. Are you up for an olympian baking feat? She’s got the full recipe on her site, including a helpful video that shows you her clever trick for getting two loaf cakes out of the recipe — each with that blue rectangle American flag in the upper left quadrant. We bow down to you, Molly!

Here’s an easy food craft for kids (promise!) — Olympic medal cookies made with a favorite store-bought cookie.

If you want to get the kids excited about the games — or keep them occupied during tonight’s opening ceremonies, Kate put together some fun, easy PyeongChang Winter Olympic craft activities for kids.

Mark your calendars for your favorite competitions with help from the NBC Olympic TV listings.

Here are 8 Black women to root for in the Olympic Winter Games — but we admit we’re rooting for American athletes Maame Biney and Erin Jackson (speed skating), and Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs (bobsledding). USA! USA!

Happy we can look forward to more diversity among the Olympic announcers, too.

Also in sports news: Why one mom pushed back against her school’s “Wear Patriots Gear to School” Day

nice butt valentine's day card

Guess what’s coming up? Valentine’s Day! Laugh at some of our favorite funny Valentine’s Day cards right here including this one from In A Nustshell Studio.

Cute craft: DIY pom-pom love bugs Valentine’s Day cards. Even if you won’t make them for the whole class.

If you have less time (or less interest in gluing on googly eyes), we’ve got free printable Valentines cards for the classroom that are great for older kids, too.

Save some bucks on a sitter, and check out these sexy date-night-in ideas after the kids are safely in bed..

Doing a little shopping this weekend? Check out our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for kids under $15, and even more Valentine’s gift ideas for kids of all ages.

And don’t forget the fellas! We’ve got lots of creative Valentine’s Day gifts for men because jewelry may not be an option.

Lotus Birth
Have you heard of a lotus birth? Um…hm. Hm. What do you think?

We are so in love with the new Gerber baby. You have to see him!

We need to change this: It’s far more dangerous to give birth while Black in America, due in part to racial bias and structural barriers to health care.

The importance of grandparents for kids, and for providing them an intergenerational experience/.

Love this new book prize to honor authors who write thrillers that don’t rely on violence against women.

Do parents unconsciously promote gender stereotypes in the way we praise our kids?

The percentage of female Grammy nominees pretty much sucks. Buy more women’s albums!

Guess what Rihanna is doing for education. And who she’s partnering with for the effort! Whoa!

How to make sure you are seeing your favorite Facebook pages in your own news feed

If you are on Facebook (ha) but never see the pages you like (boo) definitely check out these tips for making sure your favorite Facebook pages end up in your news feed.

And a special thanks to Pop Sugar for naming Spawned with Kristen and Liz a top podcast for parents that’s worth  listen — even if you have no time. (That’s why we keep them short, yo. We get it!)

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