Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

When does a book under the category of “Children’s American History of the 1900s” become a bestseller? When it’s the wonderful Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison. Yay! Find it at our affiliate Amazon, or your local indie bookseller.

Of course you can read all kinds of Black History books well beyond the end of Black History Month. Great stories well told are always a good thing.

This week in history, Eleanor Roosevelt gave us another reason to make her a hero for so many of us. (h/t @pourmecoffee)

Check out these reviews of Black Panther from moms of Color and you may experience the film in a whole new way. And if you’re going again (or a first time!) consider making it a dinner and a movie, with the Black Panther menu at Alamo Drafthouse. Yum!

Plus, hooray for the women behind the #WakandaTheVote movement, helping people to register to vote at Black Panther screenings.

If you are a real cinemaphile,  we break down whether MoviePass can save you money.

And the next movie our kids are excited about: A Wrinkle in Time. Read about the 14 year old who raised enough money to send 1000 kids to see it!

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We love when people use Instagram to do something really special. Like these stunning breastfeeding photos from photographer Nancy Coste.

The Gap is also doing their part to promote positive breastfeeding images, and it’s awesome.

Meet the newborn who already has 150,000 Instagram followers. What?!

One more feed to check out: The sketches from Curtis Wiklund, a dad sharing his depictions of tender family life on Instagram.

Thought-provoking essay from Geraldine DeRuiter: What happens when you wish an awful life on your childhood bully…and then he gets one?

The unexpected joys the PyeongChang Olympics brough to Asian-Americans.

What if the the way our kids learn to read is all wrong?

Oof: A controversial rule forcing girls to always say “yes” to boys who ask them to dance. (Spoiler: We say, “no.”)

KonMari fans, Marie Kondo has a new TV show coming, and you could be in it. If you dare…

Great quote about what it means to become an adult.

Brightly’s picks for the best adult reads for March, 2018.

Jewelry for foodies — it’s awesome!

Our readers have had a lot to say about the resurgence of this questionable fashion trend. And…you

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