Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

The Dr. Maya Angelou Google Doodle this week is absolutely extraordinary. You’ll want to watch more than once.

In honor of her birthday, check out this list of our favorite Maya Angelou quotes.

5 fun ways to introduce your kids Jane Goodall who was also born this week.


Modern HerStory by Blair Imani, now on preorder

Modern Herstory is now available for preorder. Yes!

You definitely want to enter this $3000 giveaway from our friend Jill Kraus at Baby Rabies in honor of her own new book. It will have you set for stylish baby gear + shower gifts for years!

Authors share their favorite books about girls, all written by women. Lots of old favorites here — and new ones to add to your kids’ reading lists.

You have to see these clever hairstyles that help girls of color embrace their gorgeous curls + kinks!

This genius new app for families lets everyone get all of their music, magazines, and ebooks in one place.

The best coffee in every state. Road trip?

Why didn’t we think of this brilliant food hack that helps you eliminate waste? So smart! (And delicious.)

Is it time to delete Facebook? This article and list of resources will help you make the right decision for you.

Why you really shouldn’t take those Facebook quizzes.

A League of Their Own as a TV series? Yes! Especially considering who’s behind it.

We can’t wait for The Incredibles 2. Especially with Pixar’s short film Bao as the opener.

In today’s OMGWTF parenting files: The condom challenge? Really?

The trick to spring cleaning your desk in just 15 minutes a day.

Can you guess what chore is scientifically proven to be the worst?

This week was World Autism Day and our latest podcast features a great interview with the creator of the Julia muppet. Also cool: The KC Royals signs the first ever baseball player with autism.

Speaking of Julia, there’s a new Julia mini plush doll for kids 12mo and up that they’ll adore.

Here’s an idea: let’s finally stop saying that fathers are “helping” with the baby? Geez. Thank you.

Lastly…glad you all liked our April Fool’s post this year! (Also….sigh.)

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