If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift — or any gift, honestly — that’s truly one-of-a-kind, then you really must check out these hand-drawn customized family portraits by Nanna Venter that we just discovered.

I mean, imagine your family preserved in artwork that’s so modern and cool!

It’s easy to see why everyone digs her creations. Using India ink and mixed media, Nanna draws every portrait by hand on fade-resistant archival paper, because you want this artwork to last a long time.

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Customized family portraits: Detailed, personalized color cartoons by Nanna Venter.


Customized family portraits: Black and white or color, hand-drawn cartoons by Nanna Verner.

When you commission your own customized family portrait, you can specify the background, the poses, and the scenarios, which are all entirely up to your own imagination. She’ll work from your ideas, and get the faces right from reference photos.

Just know the small paper is limited to four faces, with six faces on the larger paper.  (Nanna also says she can add as many animals as you like, “within reason.”)

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Customized family portraits: Use your imagination to help Nanna Verner create a custom cartoon of your family.

Because these customized family portraits are hand-drawn and incredibly detailed, they take some time to make and ship — she’s based in South Africa, so also remember that while looking at the prices in her shop.

Right now, the first delivery date available is June 10 — which makes it the perfect Mother’s Day gift. To arrive just in time for Father’s Day.

Order customized family portraits from Nanna Verner from her website. Prices vary based on portrait size and color, and run from about $55 to $250 U.S.