Here are some of the coolest Mother’s Day articles and links around the web this week. Hope you like them too!

This week’s Mother’s Day edition Spawned podcast discusses why Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrating dads or “dog moms” — but also offers an important perspective about those women for whom the day can be tough. We hope you’ll take a listen.

This free app lets you send nicely designed photo e-cards to Mom, even if it’s last minute. Hurry!

Need a laugh? Love these hilarious Mother’s Day cards. (Top photo: Destiny’s Child Mother’s Day Card by Greet Yo Self on Etsy)

Andre 3000 drops two surprise tracks for Mother’s Day, and they’re fantastic.

Another artist comes through with an awesome surprise: Benedict Cumberbatch won’t work on films where women don’t get equal pay. (He just rose a lot higher in our “free pass” list, ha!)

These 15 gifts that give back for Mothers’ Day are ones we’d love all year long. (Hint: Bookmark.)

In advertising, men are 62% more likely to be shown as smart, while women are 42% more likely to be shown in the kitchen. Do better, brands!

This Flapjacked Mother’s Day ad gets it right. (And nice cameo from I Am Elemental!)

Is being a mom the world’s toughest job? This video drives home a great point.

Deneen Millner’s beautiful, thoughtful article on her gratitude to her adoptive mother, and to her bio mother she never knew.

A solid cause to support today: The Black Mama’s Bail Out.

26 vintage “my mom was awesome” photos that are just…awesome.

Keep an eye out for Mom Project, a flex-jobs site just for moms that had a big week.

Put aside a few minutes for yourself to read wonderful Michaeleen Doucleff’s article on, Secrets of a Maya Supermom: What Parenting books Don’t Tell You.

In one tweet, what most women want for Mother’s Day: Nailed it!

Speaking of which, you can start watching the PBS premiere of Little Women today!

A happy ending for one stepmom this week: She remarried her ex, and if you watch Queer Eye, you’ve probably been rooting for them too.

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