Anyone else feeling stressed thee day? Frantically perusing self-care tips, devouring all the Halloween chocolate in the “donate” bag, or diving into every comedy on Netflix?

We get it. And we’ve got the gift for you.

While I’ve never been one to carry crystals or magical stones (hey, unless they look pretty), these Emily McDowell fantasy stone pins targeting everyday adult problems have managed to totally charm my inner skeptic.

Like the Comparison Stone “which neutralizes inner critics” and “heals the toxic impulse to compare oneself to internet strangers.” Or Persistethyst, which “absorbs exhaustion from maintaining a smile despite simmering rage.”

Not that any woman living in 2018 America has any familiarity with that.

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Because sometimes just getting out of bed deserves a medal

Emily McDowell's new fantasy stone pins offer healing and protection (through laughter) and this Persistethyst is the perfect feminist gift Persistethyst: Emily McDowell's new fantasy stone pins offer self-care through laughter and this one is the perfect feminist gift

Emily McDowell fantasy stones | Comparison Stone

Parentite: Emily McDowell's new fantasy stone pins offer self-care to parents through laughter

There really is one for everyone, from Parentite (hey, anything to help me “pay a sixth game of Go Fish” to Romancerine for a girlfriend who finally decided to try Bumble. Yeah, she’ll need some extra good juju with that one.

Whether or not the stones have otherworldly powers, these gifts might be able to brighten someone’s dreary day or give them a good belly laugh. Which may be all the magic they need.

Mine for your favorite gem from the full collection of Emily McDowell fantasy stones on her website.