If you haven’t secured the perfect Mother’s Day gift yet, rest easy. Okay, not that easy, because it’s literally just two days away. But if you hustle, we can still help you out with these awesome last-minute gifts that don’t feel improvised at all.

Even if they are, just a little bit.

Aside from being procrastination-friendly, these gifts are hand-picked by real moms, so you know for sure they’ll be something she actually wants. Perfectly curated gifts for deserving moms? That’s kind of our thing.

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1. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Breakfast in bed

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: Brunch Room Service Menu Card by Hostess with the Mostess

Printable room service brunch menu door hanger from Hostess with the Mostess

Yes, I know this one’s been done a few times, but trust me. It never gets old. Getting served breakfast by the ones who woke you up countless times in the wee hours of the night? Priceless.

And if you want to add some extra oomf to the presentation of this gift, print out this adorable free Mother’s Day breakfast door hanger so that Mom can order what she wants and then snooze until it’s ready. Not sure what to put on the menu? Glad you asked. We have some ideas.

Last-minute Mother's Day brunch recipes: Fruit and Yogurt Granola Cups at House of Yumm

Start with these 75 of the best Mother’s Day recipe ideas

5 beautiful and easy cakes that kids can make themselves (because yes, we are not above eating cake for breakfast)

9 impressive brunch recipes so Mom doesn’t have to lift a finger (except to devour these Fruit and Yogurt Granola Cups at House of Yumm)

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A Mother’s Day tea party

An amazing recipe for maple glazed bacon

8 decadent Nutella breakfast recipes

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Perfect mimosa recipes to raise a glass on a special day

Mom’s very own cold-brewed coffee

2. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A handmade gift

DIY Mother's Day gifts: Handmade Photo Bracelet by It's Always AutumnIdeas for DIY Mother's Day gifts kids can make: Easy photo bracelet tutorial from It's Always Autumn

Mother’s Day jewelry is always special, but it’s just a little bit more special when the kids make it. We included this DIY popsicle stick photo bracelet by It’s Always Autumn in our roundup of 13 creative DIY Mother’s Day gifts kids can make and give, because we knew it’s exactly the kind of thing that stays in the jewelry box forever.

The handmade gifts don’t have to stop with jewelry, either. We have tons of crafty Mother’s Day gift ideas that even the littlest kids can help make, from DIY wreaths and felt flowers to board books and body scrubs.

But even a special card can become a forever keepsake with a handmade cards for Mother’s Day.

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3. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Books. Always books.

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

I always think a book, as well as a promise to provide the quiet time for mom to read the book, is a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Our editor Christina read 39 books last year and then narrowed it down to her 10 favorite reads, including An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green, and her vivid descriptions are a great place to start if you need suggestions. This list of diverse books from women authors is another favorite resource, whether the mom in your life loves non-fiction or a page-turning novel.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and buy mom the first book for the new Cool Mom Picks book club — along with a bottle of wine, of course.

Bonus: books they’re so easy to get when you’re out of shopping time. All it takes is a trip to your local bookstore, or a few clicks on Amazon Prime.

Kindle and Audible downloads work too!

4. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Mother’s Day coupons and gift cards

Last-minute Mother's Day printables: Mother's Day Coupons by Clementine Creative

You can’t go wrong with Mother’s Day coupons — especially when they’re for things that moms actually want and the kids promise to actually honor them when they’re redeemed.

The printable Mother’s Day coupons by Clementine Creative are lovely options that we included in our 2017 edition of cool Mother’s Day printables.

Donors Choose gift card via Timothy Simons on Twitter

Gift cards work too! So many are printable now, or sent on-demand via email or SMS, so she’ll get them right away.

Get creative! Check an app like Gyft for ideas, or try cards for:

-Sephora, Bliss or a favorite department store
-Starbucks or your local favorite coffee spot
-A favorite local restaurant
-Her favorite department store (Nordstrom, anyone?)
-A cause like Donor’s Choose (we love them!)
-The local movie theater
-NOT her kids’ favorite fast-food restaurant

5. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A handmade card

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: Flower card at Hello, Wonderful

Handmade Mother’s Day cards will always have a special place in our hearts (and on our walls). I love this sweet flower petal card from Hello, Wonderful or another DIY Mother’s Day card creation, we’re utterly in love with the things that are made with our kids’ own little hands.

Or…big hands. Handmade cards from kids at any age are always welcome.

We’ve even created some of our own free printable Mother’s Day cards like this one — they’re themed around glitter, rainbows, flowers, and empowerment, so you can find one that makes a gift that much more special. Click over and scroll down for a link to the printable PDF.

6. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Baked goods. Come to mama.

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: Baked by Melissa and Every Mother Counts Dulce de Leche cupcakes

As if we didn’t have enough to love about these Dulce de Leche creations from Baked by Melissa, we want them even more now that we know that support Every Mother Counts, a non-profit dedicated to making childbirth safer for all women. Lucky New Yorkers will be able to pick these up in one of the many NYC locations; everyone else, hop to it! Next-day shipping is available until 5/10.

I’ve also been personally coveting this Mom Dot Com package from the legendary Milk Bar bakery, although again, you’ll need to check to see if they have a location in your city. Or grab mom a gift card and let her pick her own. Milk Bar treats are worth the wait, we promise.

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: Chocolate Bark by Paper & Stitch

You can also DIY your own box of chocolate for Mom (we like the recipe for raw cacao truffles in our roundup of yummy food gifts for Mother’s Day, or even whip up a pan of the color blocked chocolate bark with flower sprinkles by Paper & Stitch above.

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7. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A family getaway

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: Moab, UT

Want to make a big gesture without breaking the bank? I think a family trip to one of these fun and affordable destinations is a great place to start, whether you present mom with actual plane tickets on the big day or just a handmade coupon.

7. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: An IOU for custom artwork

Customized family portraits: Detailed, color cartoons by Nanna Venter.

Now, you can’t get these customized family portraits by Nanna Verner in time for Mother’s Day arrival, but you can place your order and print out one of her gorgeous samples to show Mom that she’s got a unique piece of art on its way, hand-drawn just for her. She’ll agree it’s worth the wait, we’re sure.

We love art as a Mother’s Day gift, and included an important print in our feminist Mother’s Day gifts round-up that will mean a lot to her.

This printable protest poster is a fantastic (and free) gift, too. And in fact, Etsy has tons of printable art — just add nice paper and ideally a frame.

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8. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A pretty mug with her favorite coffee or tea

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: DIY Sharpie Mug by Jennifer Maker

This lovely DIY Sharpie mug was one of our favorite suggestions for a handmade holiday gift, but it’s pretty perfect as a Mother’s Day gift, don’t you think? And all it takes is a quick trip to to the store for a few supplies (and your own steady hand).

We also love the DIY Mom fuel coffee mug tutorial by Michael’s that we included in our handmade Mother’s Day gifts list (at the very top of this post), because it is last-minute at its very finest.

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9. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Subscription boxes and gift boxes

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: Box of Style by Rachel Zoe

What do moms love? Subscription boxes. Yes, even if the actual box hasn’t arrived by Sunday, an IOU for one of these amazing subscription boxes will go a long way. That way we have something great to look forward to every time we walk to the mailbox . . . beyond those lovely orthodontist invoices that keep arriving.

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: Birchbox x Female Founder Collective

If you’re shopping for a mom who’s especially conscientiousness about the products she buys, check out this Birchbox x Female Founder Collective box. Each beauty product comes from a woman-owned business. We can so get behind that.

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10. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Subscription to a fitness app

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas: Obé subscription

It can be tough for moms to get to the gym, especially if they have little kids. So a subscription to an app like Obé would make such a thoughtful gift for a mom who wants to practice good self-care right in her living room.

Try pairing it with a gift card to lululemon or a sweet new water bottle to make it more gifty.

11. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A DIY spa treatment

7 DIY face mask recipes for every skin care woe that ails you

Gift cards for mani-pedis and massages at a local spa are always appreciated, but we also love a good DIY Last Minute Mother’s Day gift. Check out Kate’s round-up of DIY face mask recipes, like this Cactus water + Vitamin C mask at Hello Glow, then set mom up with candles and a hot bath. Ooh, ahh.

Of course, a gift card to a real spa is a sure thing, too.

12. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: An astrology coaching session.

Can astrology help you find more direction in life? It can when you look at it this way. | Spawned episode 148

You may be a skeptic, but if the mom in your life listened to the recent astrology-themed Spawned episode, she probably won’t be. In the episode, Kristen and Liz talk to professional astrologer Mimi Truong about how astrology can help you better understand yourself and make choices.

Find a local astrologer or check out Mimi’s website, and make sure you offer to watch the kids while mom’s busy getting her celestial guidance on.

13. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Her favorite movies and magazines

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: Apple Gift Card

We included a monthly subscription to the Texture app in our roundup of Mother’s Day gifts for less than $20 because it’s amazing. She’ll have hundreds of magazines right at her fingertips that she can read whenever she has the time. (Oh, that’s another thing you can give her: Time!)

And an Apple gift card is always a good bet — Mom can use it to purchase apps, music, movies, and TV shows of all kinds, so it’ll never go to waste.

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14. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Some peace and quiet

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: Calm App
In our guide to Mother’s Day tech gifts for mobile moms, we recommended a gift subscription to Calm, because what mom couldn’t use some deep breathing, stress management, and handy sleep aid? Yes, all of that is in this app.

Couple that with one of the printable coupons above for free time, and you’re set.

15. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A donation to a cause that makes a difference in others’ lives.

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: International Rescue Committee newborn kits

Sometimes, the best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that someone else benefits from.

Consider donating newborn kits or mother-child care to the International Rescue Committee (above) in your mom’s name. I did it last year, and she was absolutely touched.

Or, contribute to a non-profit like Ignite, which we discovered as a way to invest in women destined to be future leaders. You can also to one of our suggested orgs in our list of empowering gifts for progressive moms.

Need more ideas? We’ve got a list of lots of wonderful gifts that give back and really support excellent causes in tangible ways — and check our recently holiday guide list of 35 truly fabulous gifts that give back to 35 fabulous causes. Some you can even grab at local shops or mall stores, while others require a worthwhile IOU.

Or hey, pick the cause or organization that means the most to her and simply make a donation in her name — because that’s what a gift from the heart is all about.

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