We have found some of the OMG, craziest, fun lawn sprinklers for kids this summer, because come on, don’t you need more silly, crazy fun in your life? We know we do.

With one initial investment (ranging from small to oof in the options we’ve found), your kids can play all summer long in the water while the sun beats down. They’d also make a fabulous backyard party idea, for those of you who have kids with summer birthdays.

I love that turning on these crazy lawn sprinklers draws the neighbors to the yard too, which means my kids are more likely to stay and play outside all afternoon — when sprinkler fun turns into scooters, which turns into an impromptu game of twilight baseball in the back yard. And that’s the kind of long summer day with my kids I really love.

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Crazy lawn sprinklers: Unicorns!

We have to start with a modern classic: the unicorn sprinkler. This huge, 5′ tall unicorn shoots water out of his…tail. Your kids will think it’s hilariously awesome, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter with the other parents on the block.

Crazy lawn sprinklers: Demogorgon lawn sprinkler from Stranger Things

Liz geeked out over this Strange Things demogorgon sprinkler (the alien monsters in the series, for the three of us Americans who haven’t yet watched).  While you apparently don’t want your kids playing with an actual demogorgon, this lawn sprinkler is perfectly acceptable for kids ages three and up.

Crazy lawn sprinklers: Backyard waterpark

My kids love shows like American Ninja Warrior and the new Holey Moley, and this backyard waterpark system might just give them the inspiration to create their own backyard obstacle course. Or, they can keep it simple and ride through on their bikes and riding toys. So fun!

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Crazy lawn sprinklers: Dinosaurs

We loved the huge, crazy sprinklers we spotted at Pottery Barn Kids last year, and this giant dinosaur sprinkler is available at a discount this summer. So if your kids are more into digging for bones than sliding across rainbows, then this might just be the perfect toy for them. Plus, we think it would make an amazing backyard birthday party theme for any little kid who loves dinos.

Crazy lawn sprinklers: UFOs!

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing coming up in July, this UFO sprinkler is sure to be a big hit with any space-loving kid. I like how the water shoots up from the ground level, giving kids more options for splashing than a stream of water sprayed at their heads can offer.

Crazy lawn sprinklers: Tidal Storm

My next door neighbor has this wacky Tidal Storm sprinkler, which is a great budget find too! I can promise that all the kids come running when she turns it on. The flexible arms make the spray of water shoot all over the place — and, perhaps, can even be held to point directly at a friend. Not that I’ve ever done that.

Crazy lawn sprinklers: Trampoline Water Park

If you have a backyard trampoline, you can give it a serious upgrade during the summer with this totally awesome trampoline water park. Best of all: this easy trampoline net attachment is affordable, so you don’t have to make another big investment in backyard fun. One note though: I’d go ahead and have the kids wear their swimsuits to play here, not long pants. Hmm. Who styled that photo?