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If there’s one desire all parents have in common, we want to make sure our kids are doing well in school, learning the skills they need for success, and working to the best of their ability. And there’s arguably no more important skill than reading.

If your kids could use a little boost in that department, Reading Eggs is here to help.

This popular, multi-award winning reading program for children 2-13 is so effective, it’s used by 10 million users worldwide, and is trusted by more than 12,000 U.S. elementary schools and nearly 60,000 teachers.

The program uses a proven sequence of online reading lessons and interactive activities that keep students engaged — and just as importantly — motivated to stay engaged. Because parents want to create readers for life, not just for school.

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Reading Eggs is helping millions of kids ages 3-12 sharpen reading skills with fun, interactive, scientifically backed lessons + rewards (sponsor)

Sign up, and your child will start with a placement test to ensure their program is specifically tailored to their reading level and unique needs. From there, they’ll enjoy self-paced, one-on-one lessons, all matched to your child’s own ability and backed by the latest educational research.

You’ll even receive detailed reports in your family dashboard so you can see just how well your child is progressing.

And while Reading Eggs is tablet-compatible, and you can use it right from a desktop browser, the program is now available on a brand new Android app in addition to the existing iOS app. This means even more families can take all the learning on the go, wherever you go.

Reading Eggs is helping more than 110 million users learn to read! Here's a special offer so you can try it free for 4 weeks (sponsor)


Your Reading Eggs membership includes access to 2000+ books in the Reading Eggspress Library, and a huge collection of printable worksheets so you can take the learning off-screen too. And of course you’ll be able to use all the lessons, each presented with colorful animations, fun characters, clever songs, and those rewards that get kids excited to keep going. Even if other programs haven’t worked for them.

In fact, 91% of parents using Reading Eggs report a noticeable improvement in their child’s reading skills.

Pretty amazing.



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Android users, be sure to try the new Android app so you can take the learning on the go, too.

Offer expires October 1, 2019.

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