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Whether you want to start a garden yourself, or give a gift that grows to someone else, Plant Package makes it so easy that even your kids could do it. (In fact, mine did). They ship beautiful, hand-picked seasonal plants right to your doorstep, with everything you need (including the soil and plant nutrients, even a stylish container) to start your very own garden in a matter of minutes. No fancy tools required.

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How to put together your Plant Package plant subscription box | Sponsor

My teen was excited to put her Plant Package together. 

Designed to thrive indoors or outdoors, the plant selections from Plant Package are perfect for folks with big yards or no yards (like us); they’re actually outdoor plants that can thrive indoors with sunlight. So apartment dwellers, you can have a garden, too! And with monthly, every-other-month or once per season (every three months) delivery options, you can grow your garden on your own schedule.

Plant Package is so easy to put together | Sponsored

Everything you need comes right in the box, even the soil.

Their September box theme is Fall Foliage Festival, which features four colorful fall plants in gorgeous reds, yellows, greens and purples, all ready to be planted in a sweet wooden basket-style planter. And coming up they’ve got a fun Halloween-themed package for October, with a Witches Brew of plants, followed by a beautiful Thanksgiving Harvest package that features edible herbs for your celebration. How cool is that? It’s truly a unique, thoughtful gift that keeps on giving, and growing: for yourself or someone special. -Kristen

Special offer for Cool Mom Picks readers: Receive a FREE starter kit by using code COOLMOMS at checkout. Starter kit includes gardening gloves, trowel, and farmer’s hand soap.

This was a sponsored message for Plant Package.

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