While our youngest kids may be content with a stuffed rabbit and a basket full of plastic eggs, I’m excited to spoil my three teens with some cool Easter gifts for teens that up the ante just a bit. After all, they’ve had a few years of trying to manage online school, seeing friends virtually, and basically putting so much of their busy lives on hold. They definitely deserve a basket full of awesome this Easter.

So, whether you’ll be spending another socially-distant Easter in some creative ways, or will be taking your vaccinated selves to visit your vaccinated relatives or doing something fun safely with friends, make sure you start your shopping now to be sure your teen’s Easter is eggs-traordinary this year. Ha.

Oh and…Easter isn’t far away. Get hopping onto the scene on Sunday, April 17, 2022. I know, it snuck up on me too!

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This post has been updated for 2022

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Bath & Beauty Easter Gifts for Teens

Walk the aisles or scroll through the pages of your local Target, Ulta, or smaller specialty shop or drugstore, and you’ll find loads of affordable health and beauty items for teens like quick-drying nail polish, natural skin care, hair accessories, makeup items, sunscreen…all the stuff they love.

Here, I’m calling out a few other extra-cool Easter gifts for teens to stuff into their Easter baskets.



Musee Bath golden eggs bath bombs for your teen's Easter gift

Easter Egg Bath Bombs Encourage your teen to unwind with these adorably packaged and ethically made mini bath bombs from Musee Bath. Handmade in Mississippi and tucked in an egg carton, each one will create a shimmering pastel bath to help them relax after a long day of Zoom school. (Maisonette) 


Cool Easter gifts for teens: Hipdot + Peeps makeup sponges!

Peeps makeup sponges Of course we had to include something Peeps among our favorite Easter gifts for teens, and these have all the cuteness, none of the sugar high. Just four adorable Peeps makeup sponges by HipDot. They look almost good enough to eat. But don’t. No matter what TikTok says. (Note they were a limited edition item but we found them on Poshmark and eBay)

Floral lace cuff: An affordable gift from Peggy Li, and a fabulous springy Easter gift for a teen

Floral Ear Cuff from Peggy Li For an affordable little bauble to freshen up your teen’s accessories for spring, these ear cuffs are so wonderful for just… $15! From one of CMP’s favorite indie jewelry designers — check out our recent article on her necklace collection to support the AAPI community — it’s a gift that might even have your teen thinking you’re cool. Maybe. Be sure to poke around the site, there’s a lot to love there.


Harry's shave kit for teen boys makes a great Easter gift

Harry’s Truman shaving set Whether you’ve got a kiddo with peach fuzz or a five o’clock shadow, Harry’s Truman shaving set will get a teen’s face as smooth as an (Easter) egg. I know my teen son would love this affordable set which includes a bright-handled razor in springlike orange, green, or blue, a travel cover for when we can final vacation again, and thick, foaming shave gel with aloe to sooth their baby faces. Or, still baby to me.



Inuwet Bunny lip balms for your teen's Easter basket

Friends Forever bunny lip balm In flavors of vanilla, apple, and strawberry, these made-in-France vegan lip balms help keep lips smooth behind those face masks, making them a cool Easter gift for a teen especially during Covid times. And French too!  Oh là là! (Note: this no longer is available but these Lip Smacker Lip Balms are pretty cute!)


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Easter Gifts for Teens To Do When Their Schoolwork is Done

Even if your teens seem pretty content scrolling on their phones, they may appreciate a good reason to put their screen down. So, along with new art projects to keep them drawing/painting/crafting and games to play with the friends over Zoom, I’ve found a few new Easter gifts for teens that can help keep their hands (and minds) busy.

Cool Easter gifts for teens: Succulent felting kit from Felted Sky

Succulent Felting Kit or Easter Egg Felting Kit No green thumb necessary for these crafty creations rom Felted Sky that your teen can make with the supplies provided. Not a one-and-done project, this springy Easter gift will keep them busy for a while, but as a beginner-level project, it’s worth the effort. Plus the stab-stab-stab action of making all those felted pieces is good for releasing that typical teen frustration.


Pretty Twisted DIY's headphone wrap kit makes a great Easter gift for teens

DIY Headphone Wrap Kit If you have multiple kids, your teen will love personalizing their headphones so that siblings stop “borrowing” theirs. This DIY Headphone Wrap Kit by CMP favorite Pretty Twisted DIY even comes with a set of headphones! If sold out, look around for other cool Easter gifts for teens who are crafty.


What Do You Meme Custom Game Cards for teen's Easter gift

What Do You Meme? Custom Cards Their first screaming photo with the Easter bunny. A story about when they shoved a jelly bean up their nose. Whatever your favorite Easter memories, you can turn them into hilarious custom cards that will perk up their What Do You Meme? card game, which is a favorite with every teen I know — and available overnight (or so) from Amazon.

Therapy Dough makes a great Easter gift for teens

Therapy Dough Is it a play dough or an aromatherapy product? It’s actually both. Handmade in Portland, Maine by CMP favorite Eco-Kids, Therapy Dough contains yummy essential oils that help calm the mind while also keeping our older kids’ hands busy while watching yet another hour-long Zoom lecture or Netflix marathon. (Uncommon Goods)

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Tech-y Easter Gifts for Teens

Does your child’s tech need a refresh but you’re short on time to shop? Gift cards for Playstation, XBox, Steam, or App Store downloads are big hits for many teens and super easy to find at any local drugstore — or grab digital ones online.

Here Comes the Sun Casely AirPod case for a teen's Easter gift

Here Comes the Sun Air Pod Case Love this tiny reminder of hope for sunnier days ahead with this Casely Air Pod case. Plus, if you have more than one kid, you can grab a different style for each and save yourself the headache of “where’s my Air Pod case?” every night. (Casely)


This adorable Bluetooth bunny speaker makes a great Easter gift for teens

Mini Bunny Bluetooth Speaker Oh, sure, our teens are sooooooooo grown up, but we think they’ll happily scoop up this adorable little AEO speaker. Great price and perfect topper for their Easter basket. (Amazon)


New iPhone case from Ink and Cotton Shop: Easter gift for teens

Amanda Gorman-inspired iPhone case Let them carry inspiring words with them wherever they go with this Amanda Gorman quote on a sunny yellow iPhone case from Black-owned Etsy shop, Ink and Cotton. Who says everything in an Easter Basket has to be a rabbit or a chick, right? (Note this is no longer available, but lots of fun tees and hoodies at the shop.)

Apple Watch SE for a splurge Easter gift for teens

A tech splurge This second socially-distant Easter may warrant going a bit bigger on our Easter gifts for our teens (But no pressure!) If that’s your situation, a new pair of AirPods, a Nintendo Switch (with some Nintendo Switch accessories), or an Apple Watch SE are all small enough to fit into an Easter basket, but big enough to make this Easter stand out in their memory — in a good way. Of course we know you’ll make it fun no matter what.


Edible Easter Gifts for Teens

Whether you are filling Easter baskets or sending a care package to college, make sure you include treats as an Easter gift for teens!

Even the big-box stores have great chocolate and gummies options on their shelves, and it’s easy to grab or print out gift cards for Starbucks, Chipotle, or a favorite Local Bubble Tea place or pizza joint, for those nights when they don’t like dinner.

And it’s definitely worth the extra effort to grab some of these treats below


Easter gifts for teens like these custom OREOs

Custom OREO ID cookies Make a teen’s Easter basket one-of-a-kind with the new customized Oreo ID cookies. With an easy-to-use interface that allows you to select the color of the cream, dip, and sprinkles in your choice of colors, you can even upload a photo and/or text message (they’ll be edible) right on the front of the cookie. Maybe a baby pic of them wearing bunny ears?

Dylan's Candy Bar assortment for a teen's Easter gift

Easter Candy Boxes Why settle on just a couple of candies when the Easter Bunny can leave your teen a dozen treats in this reusable plastic tackle box from Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Easter collection. It’s colorful and delicious and also easy to ship if you have a college student isn’t leaving campus for the holiday this year. (Ask me how I know, sniff.) And we have to say, Dylan’s sour gummies happen to be insanely good.


Easter candy for teens from Sugarfina: A little more sophisticated than the drugstore stuff

Sugarfina’s Spring sweets collections These ampler packs feature my teens’ favorite form of candy: Gummies. among others. Though packaged in oh-too-sweet floral boxes the flavors are definitely a bit more grown up.

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