One of my favorite things about taking my son to swim lessons is seeing all the kid swim fashions, and recently that includes lots of bling swim goggles, full of glam, color and fun.

Eyelashes! Mermaids! Shark’s teeth! Sequins! Where were these when I was a kid?

So I wanted to share some of my very favorite bling swim goggles, at various price points, for the aspiring mermaid — or merman! — in your life. Here’s hoping these come in adult sizes soon.

Top image: mermaid-in training bling swim goggles | Super Smalls

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Bling swim goggles for kids: Rainbow goggles at Stella Cove are like My Little Pony meets Eltton John!

Elton John meets My Little Pony with these amazing Stella Cove bling rainbow goggles, which are “selling fast” at Maisonette. No surprise — in addition to the rainbows and rhinestones, the lenses feature UV protection. Such a thoughtful design detail, especially for kids who stay in the pool for long hours.


Bling swim goggles for kids: Mermaid-in training goggles from Super Smalls

I am so here for a cat eye moment, especially if it involves rhinestones! So obviously I’m loving these mermaid-in training bling swim goggles for kids from Super Smalls (also at very top). What a cool summer camp care package gift, in addition to all the ideas Liz recently shared.

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Bling swim goggles for kids: Unicorn goggles at Academy Sports

Don’t worry, glam swim goggles don’t have to cost a fortune. These unicorn swim goggles at Academy Sports are just $5.99, making them a great option if your kids (3 and up) tend to forget things at the pool. Just mine? Sometimes a well-placed unicorn is all the bling you need.


Bling swim goggles for kids: Bling 20 makes these fun donut swim goggles featuring faux sprinkles around the lenses

How delectable are these Bling 20 donut swim goggles with sprinkles around the frames. You can find them at Saks online, and I’ll take a dozen, please and thank you.

Oh — and they’re very popular. If sold out, take a look at some of the other crush-worthy bling swim goggles for kids featuring candy necklace beads (not actually edible) and more.

Bling swim goggles for kids: shark lovers will love these shark tooth swim goggles from Bling 20

And hey, if you’ve got a merman who wants something a little extra as far as swim goggles, these Bling 20 shark tooth swim gogglesare outrageous. They’re sure to make it safe for everyone to go back in the water. (But don’t tell any little kids where that reference comes from, ‘kay?)


Bling swim goggles for kids: Ariel goggles at Disney, because pearls are always classic right?

For some kids, a classic Little Mermaid aesthetic will always endure, and it’s delivered perfectly and authentically with Disney’s Ariel swim goggles.  Nothing classier than pearls, after all.

Bling swim goggles for kids: Eyelash goggles are so fun! by Juice Box

Another trend I’ve been seeing at the pool lately is…faux eyelashes. Thankfully, these are a lot easier to apply than regular falsies and sure to stay on a lot better in the water. You can find these eyelash swim goggles for kids by Juice Box, right on Amazon, now on sale for under $11.