So here’s something amazing — a Cool Mom Picks reader, and only a Cool Mom Picks reader (or social media follower or email subscriber) is going to win $1000 by the end of the week.

Right now you’re thinking…wha-aaa? So let’s back up a sec.

For the past few months, we’ve been working with a terrific partner,, which does so much to help support new parents. (Including sponsoring posts like this one. And this. And of course, this.)

They also know that now, more than ever, parents can use even more help than usual. That’s why they created a $2500 sweepstakes for parents — specifically, Cool Mom Picks readers. One of you will win one Grand Prize of $1000 cash!

Plus, there are even more second prizes including twelve $100 Amazon gift cards, along with five $50 gift cards to spend on school supplies. (Or hey, office supplies if your kids aren’t yet old enough for school.)

Here’s How to Enter:

1. Click here. Yes, this link right here. Do it before 10/17/21!! (Also, you have to be 18 or older. Sorry kiddos.)

2. At the top of the page you will see CLICK HERE!

If for some reason you don’t, like on desktop, scroll down the page until you see this:

ParentEducate $2500 sweepstakes: How to enter

3. Click on the white copy (it’s clickable).. then fill in some info like your email and your favorite parenting topic. That’s it. You’re entered!

(Official rules are here if you want to see the nitty gritty.)

So basically, a $1000 grand prize with no strings attached.

Well, except that when you win it would be super nice if you let us know so we can cheer for you.


Want to learn more about the cool folks behind who are nice enough to do this? Check out their site. They’re a terrific source for great advice for new parents, thanks to their library of 80+ research-based parenting courses with the same info taught to childcare and early childhood education pros. - where parents go to learn (sponsor)

If you’re interested, sign up for a free 7-day trial using code CMP21 and you’ll get 20% off a one-month subscription