A few months back, a colleague with an “in” in the designer shoe world tipped me off that puffy textured sandals, woven textures and braided straps were going to be hot again for spring 2022. I blink and whoa — now here they are, flooding the “new arrivals” category in my favorite online shops.

This is one shoe trend I’m actually excited has stuck around!

Unlike some shoe trends which focus on heel height or heel style, braided or puffy textured sandals are for everyone. They can be high-heeled, they can be completely flat. They can be worn with whatever’s already in your closet, they’re comfortable, and best of all, they fit every size. Yay for democratic shoe trends!

They even come in tons of colors, including fun pastels, bright orange and red, and plenty of neutrals so they’ll look great with any skin tone and any style. Even any pedicure colors.

Let me share a few of the puffy textured sandals I have my eyes on right now. And that I’ll definitely have my toes in, just as soon as the weather starts cooperating.

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11 pairs of puffy, textured, braided sandals on-trend for spring and summer 2022

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Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Gorgeous woven slides from Seychelles in lots of colors

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Gorgeous woven slides from Seychelles in red

Seychelles Wilma Woven Slide Sandals | $100, Free People

While you’ll see that the puffy braided sandal trend goes from super comfy to high-heeled and swanky, let’s start with one comfy option I’m loving: these are so practical, beautifully shaped, and by all accounts, extremely comfy. I’d wear them daily for sure.

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Vince Camuto Woven Slides are stylish and comfy


Vince Camuto Woven Slide Sandal | $98.95, Nordstrom

Okay, now we’re getting dangerous here; those of you who know me know that I swear by Vince Camuto accessories — and their shoes have never steered me wrong. I can’t even pick a favorite color among these puffy braided sandals because black! But…pink! But…navy! But…camel! And if you look closely, they even have a little thong strap hidden under there to help keep them on your feet.

TRY THE TARGET KNOCK-OFFYou can find a pretty close knock-off, now on sale for $17.49, in lots of fun colors!

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Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Vince Camuto Semtera Block Heel Slides

Vince Camuto Semtera Block-Heeled Sandal | $99.95, Nordstrom

Another favorite from Vince Camuto are these textured, braided sandals with just a bit of lift. There are ten different colors, but I think the metallics make this lower heel look just a little more fancy for day-to-night wear this spring and summer.

TRY THE TARGET KNOCK-OFFFor $32.99, you can get a similar pair, in lots of different colors (though no metallics, sorry)

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Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Dolce Vita Daily Heel

Dolce Vita Paily Heel | $125, Dolce Vita

These right here are the shoes that started my obsession. Because thanks to that generous friend I mentioned up top, I am the proud owner of these gorgeous — and remarkably comfy! — heels in the beautiful “Cream Stella” color. A.K.A. the most perfect cream-and-coffee color for spring an summer. What you can’t quite see from the photo is a subtle croc-emboss detail on the heel. I love them so much, I’d consider getting them in black too — but first, browse the 18 colors including some amazing metallics.

(Tip: The Pewter Pailly heels are badass — and on sale for $79.)

TRY THE TARGET KNOCK-OFFLove all the color options, and the wooden heel, for $34.99


Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Dolce Vita Ronin Braided Sandals are a great day-to-night shoe

Dolce Vita Braided Ronin Sandals | $100, Dolce Vita

If you like the style of the Paily heels above, but maybe with not quite so much heel, check out these Ronin sandals. The proportions make them a little chunkier, a little more casual, a little more day-to-night. Isn’t that dusty blue beautiful? I don’t often like pastels but this color is so perfect. Plus I appreciate that much of the shoe is made from recycled leathers.

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Steve Madden Twinkled heels in lots of colors

Steve Madden Twinkled Sandal | $99.95, Nordstrom

Shall we move onto more few heels? These were one of the first high-heeled pair of puffy textured sandals that drew me in. So elegant, right? Nice evolution from the trade to something a little more pillowy, like your toes wrapped in a favorite cashmere scarf. And pretty nice price — they look like Jimmy Choos to me.

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Marc Fisher Dakina Braided Stilettos are so hot!

Marc Fisher Dakina Braided Stiletto Sandal | $169.95, Zappos

If you really want a wow in the trendy shoe department this spring and summer, don’t sleep on these braided puffy stilettos from Marc Fisher. It’s like a foot quilt! And oof, that orange is just next-level awesome, though that medium-beige could get a whole lot of use.

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Madden Girl's affordable line at Target

Madden Girl Braided Dress Sandal | $54.99, Target

Want Steve Madden style for less? Check out the Madden Girl line at Target, which includes these sexy braided sandals for about half the price of the original label. Smart choice if you need a dressy summer shoe for a wedding or some other event and don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Marc Fisher Olgalia Slide Sandals are more puffy than braided


Marc Fisher Olgalia Slide Sandal | $150, Nordstrom

In 2022, some of the newer sandal trends incorporate more innovative puffy textures than mere braids. These sandals from Marc Fisher look like sliding your feet into a cloud. Or possibly a blobfish. Actually I think it’s a lot cooler to call them your blobfish sandals so let’s just go with that and you can credit me on Instagram when you show them off.

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Open Edit makes these Cora Puffy Sandals at a great price


Open Edit Cora Heel Sandal | $49.95, Nordstrom

If you like that twisty, puffy alternative to a braid, I’m so happy to have found these sandals from Open Edit. The price is terrific, and they look so comfy with that wide, blocky heel.


Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Yellowbox makes these affordable braided thongs

Yellowbox Dauphine Braided Sandal | $37, Zappos

 I’ve been a TKEES fan since forever so if you prefer the thong look over slides, I get it. Now you can update that look affordably with these braided strap flip-flop style sandals  — under $40 at Zappos. This is a funky golden neutral that I like, but you’ll also find black, taupe, and a fun, casual denim blue.  Bring on the warm weather already!

TRY THE TARGET KNOCK-OFF: It’s not a thong, but hey,  for $19.99, you can’t go wrong with these braided double-strap slides.