If you haven’t secured the perfect Mother’s Day gift yet, rest easy. Okay, not that easy, because it’s literally just a few days away. But if you hustle, we can still help you out with these awesome last-minute gifts that don’t feel improvised at all.

Even if they are, just a little bit.

Aside from being procrastination-friendly, these gifts are hand-picked by real moms, so you know for sure they’ll be something she actually wants. Perfectly curated gifts for deserving moms? That’s kind of our thing. – Caroline, Liz, Christina, and Lisa

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This post has been updated for 2022

Top image: Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

15 wonderful types of last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Hundreds of ideas for every kind of mom

While we know you’ll enjoy the ideas here, be sure to find even more ideas in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide archives. We’ve been seeking out and sharing the best Mother’s Day gifts for 15 years now!

Got you covered, promise.

1. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A handmade gift

This DIY bracelet from It's Always Autumn is a special Mother's Day gift

DIY popsicle stick photo bracelet by It’s Always Autumn

Mother’s Day jewelry is always special, but it’s just a little bit more special when the kids make it. We included this DIY popsicle stick photo bracelet by It’s Always Autumn in our roundup of 13 creative DIY Mother’s Day gifts kids can make and give, because we knew it’s exactly the kind of thing that stays in the jewelry box forever.

You don’t even have to run to the craft store! Here are 15 easy recycled Mother’s Day gifts your kids can make from stuff you have right at home

The handmade gifts don’t have to stop with jewelry, either. We have tons of crafty Mother’s Day gift ideas that even the littlest kids can help make, from DIY wreaths and felt flowers to board books and body scrubs.

You could even turn some of Mom’s favorite handmade Mother’s Day gifts from years past of art using TilePix (a recent sponsor who we really love!) so she can preserve it forever.

Even a special card can become a forever keepsake with a handmade cards for Mother’s Day.

Colorful chocolate bark from Paper & Stitch is perfect for a Mother's Day treat

Color blocked chocolate bark with flower sprinkles recipe by Paper & Stitch

You can also DIY your own box of chocolate for Mom (we like the recipe for raw cacao truffles in our roundup of yummy food gifts for Mother’s Day, or even whip up a pan of the the gorgeous chocolate bark, above.

DIY your own gifts with Jennifer Mather's easy Sharpie mugs

DIY Sharpie mug from Jennifer Maker

This lovely DIY Sharpie mug from Jennifer Maker has been one of our favorite suggestions for a handmade holiday gift, but it’s pretty perfect as a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, don’t you think? And all it takes is a quick trip to to the store for a few supplies (and your own steady hand).

We also love the DIY Mom fuel coffee mug tutorial by Michael’s that we included in our handmade Mother’s Day gifts list, because it is last-minute at its very finest. And of course, be sure to add her favorite coffees or teas!

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2. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Books. Always books.

Viola Davis's new book makes a great last-minute Mother's Day gift

I always think a book — as well as a promise to provide the quiet time for mom to read the book — is a perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift. In fact, we just finished rounding up a list of our 8 wonderful Mother’s Day gift book ideas to celebrate all she is, and all she loves.

In addition, whether the mom in your life loves non-fiction or a page-turning novel, there are so many choices for diverse books from women authors available. A copy of Viola Davis’s new memoir Finding Me along with a hand written note thanking mom for being just herself would be incredibly meaningful. And if mom needs a bit of an escape, you can always get her a fun, indulgent rom com.

Whatever she loves, that’s what matters.

Bonus: books they’re so easy to get when you’re out of shopping time. All it takes is a trip to your local bookstore, or a few clicks on Amazon Prime — or support indie booksellers around the country by shopping from our storefront on Indiebound!

(Of course Kindle and Audible downloads work too.)

3. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Subscription boxes and gift boxes

Gift her beautiful flowers monthly for Mother's Day with The Bouqs

What do moms love? Subscription boxes. Yes, even if the actual box hasn’t arrived by Sunday, an IOU for one of these amazing subscription box gift ideas will go a long way. That way we have something great to look forward to every time we walk to the mailbox —  beyond those lovely orthodontist invoices that keep arriving.

Also, consider practical subscription box gifts if she’s not someone who indulges in baubles like we do.

Trade Coffee makes an great recurring Mother's Day gift

If you’re shopping for a mom who’s not only enjoys a good cup of coffee, but also is passionate about supporting small businesses, we love that Trade Coffee gives you the convenience of a subscription totally built around her tastes, while helping support local roasters around the country. We can so get behind that! (Note that they’re a recent sponsor but we’ve loved them for-e-vah.)

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4. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Subscription to a fitness app or exercise equipment that can be here in a couple of days

Give an annual subscription to 8-Fit app for an active mom on Mother's Day

It can be tough for moms to get to the gym, especially if when have little kids. So a subscription to an app like 8fit would make such a thoughtful gift for a mom who wants to practice good self-care right in her living room.

Try pairing it with a gift card to lululemon or a sweet new water bottle to make it more “gifty”.

And if you want to splurge a bit, a new Fitbit activity tracker or smartwatch or Shokz’s OpenRun Pro bone conduction headphones can all be ordered via Amazon Prime with super-fast delivery.

5. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Breakfast in bed. Or just a homemade brunch.

Get a copy of Hostess with the Mostess's free printable door hanger for Mother's Day

Printable room service brunch menu door hanger from Hostess with the Mostess

Yes, I know this one’s been done a few times, but trust me. It never gets old. Getting served breakfast by the ones who woke you up countless times in the wee hours of the night? Priceless.

And if you want to add some extra oomph to the presentation of this gift, print out this adorable free Mother’s Day breakfast door hanger so that Mom can order what she wants and then snooze until it’s ready. Not sure what to put on the menu? Glad you asked. We have some ideas.

6. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A handmade card

Hello Wonderful's pretty card is easy and quick to make for Mother's Day

Flower petal card with free printable from Hello, Wonderful

Handmade Mother’s Day cards will always have a special place in our hearts (and on our walls). I love this sweet card above, originally shared in a post about lots of ideas for handmade Mother’s Day cards from the kids.  Or search our post on DIY Mother’s Day gifts for the kids, which includes some card ideas. We’re utterly in love with the things that are made with our kids’ own little hands. (Or big hands!)

We’ve also created some of our own free printable Mother’s Day cards like these two — they’re themed around glitter, rainbows, flowers, and empowerment, so you can find one that makes a gift that much more special. Click over and scroll down for a link to the printable PDF.

7. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A DIY spa treatment

Make mom her own face mask for Mother's Day with this recipe from Hello Glow

 DIY Cactus water + Vitamin C mask at Hello Glow

Gift cards for massages at a local spa may be off-limits right now, and while mani-pedis may be appreciated, we also love a good DIY alternative.  Check out Kate’s round-up of DIY face mask recipes, or try this homemade mint sugar scrub.

In fact, we have an entire post on homemade mason jar spa gift ideas all with safe, edible ingredients  — or grab Liz’s favorite essential oil for de-stressing and turn it into a homemade spa gift. Then set mom up with candles and a hot bath. Oooh, ahhh.

Of course, a gift card to a real spa (like Spafinder) is a sure thing, too, provided she can use it in the future.

8. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Mother’s Day coupons and gift cards

Print these Mother's Day coupons from Clementine Creative

Printable Mother’s Day coupons by Clementine Creative

You can’t go wrong with Mother’s Day coupons — especially when they’re for things that moms actually want and the kids promise to actually honor them when they’re redeemed. The printable Mother’s Day coupons by Clementine Creative are lovely options that we included in a past roundup of cool Mother’s Day printables.

Gift cards work too! So many are printable now, or sent on-demand via email or SMS, so she’ll get them right away. Or find them at a local pharmacy or bookstore.

Get creative! Try cards for:

9. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Baked goods…made by someone else.

Grab yummy treats for Mother's Day like these jar cakes from Sugarhouse Cake

The past few years have been especially tough on small, independent businesses, and that includes bakeries. For a last minute Mother’s Day gift, consider looking up local bakeries in your area (bonus if they are women-owned, we say) and order a few treats for mom.

We’re partial to the sweet little cake jars from our good friend Erin at Sugarhouse Cake in Oregon — some of you may recognize her as one of the mods in our Recipe Rescue FB group! Like lots of small bakers, they generally need at least 24-48 hours notice so make sure that your plan for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift isn’t literally last minute.

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10. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A family getaway

Make memories for Mother's Day with a family vacation

Christina and her family love family biking trips  | Photo © Christina Refford for Cool Mom Picks

Want to make a big gesture without breaking the bank? Now that more and more people are getting vaccinated, we are traveling again! Mom may appreciate nothing more than a family trip outside of her own backyard!

You can get a few ideas for trips from these fun and affordable destinations, or see if there’s one of hundreds of US National Parks and Sites within driving distance. Even a hotel stay somewhere local could be a joy. Or, just play a day-trip like, a safe family day of biking somewhere near home.

Whether you present mom with actual plane tickets on the big day or just a handmade coupon for the future, the idea of being able to travel this year makes me down right giddy.

11. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: An IOU for custom artwork

Love this photo from Whitney White of Tamerswork's digital family portrait

photo by Whitney White on Etsy

You can’t get these customized family portraits by Tamerswork, which we featured in our post 25 special Mother’s Day gifts under $25, which we totally want ourselves, in time for Mother’s Day arrival, but you can place your order and print out one of her gorgeous samples to show Mom that she’s got a unique piece of art on its way, hand-drawn just for her. She’ll agree it’s worth the wait, we’re sure.

We love art as a Mother’s Day gift, and included an important print in our feminist Mother’s Day gifts round-up that will mean a lot to her.

Etsy also has tons of printable art — just add nice paper and ideally, a frame.

Quiltlove's custom quilts are a special Mother's Day gift

Art doesn’t just have to be on paper though. We recently discovered the incredible Quiltlove site, run by an incredible mom who creates one-of-a-kind quilts incorporating your own decorated squares. They’re incredible! And totally worth an IOU for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift.

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12. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A subscription to her favorite magazines and newspapers

Get her a magazine subscription to Apple News for Mother's Day

With Apple News+, Mom can have hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers right at her fingertips to  read whenever she has the time. (Oh, that’s another thing you can give her: time.) It’s just $9.99/month with the first month free. Bye paywalls!

An Apple gift card is always a good bet for purchasing apps, music, movies, and TV shows of all kinds. Or hey, if she needs a new pair of AirPods, plenty of Apple Store locations offer incredibly speedy delivery. Sometimes even same-day.

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13. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: Some peace and quiet

If she could use a little zen for Mother's Day, give her a subscription to the Calm app

In our guide to 10 tech gifts for the mobile mom, all are as cool as they are practical, we recommended a gift subscription to Calm, because what mom couldn’t use some deep breathing, stress management, and handy sleep aid? Yes, all of that is in this app. In fact, check our 7 favorite meditation apps that have helped all the moms around here quell the quarantine anxiety over the past year.


Couple this with one of the printable coupons above for free time, and you’re set for a thoughtful last-minute Mother’s Day gift.

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14. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A donation to a cause that makes a difference in others’ lives.

Stand with Ukraine sweatshirt from Olde Soul Barbershop: 100% donated to key organizations supporting Ukraine

From Olde Soul Barbershop, from our article on
Gifts supporting Ukraine with 100% of proceeds giving back to Ukrainian causes

Sometimes, the best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that someone else benefits from. Here are just a few issues we’re all thinking about these days.

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Really, there’s no ends to the possibilities when you think about what she’s passionate about — the environment, improving her own community, healthcare for children, fighting disease, support for elders, support for other mothers in need.

Just pick the cause or organization that means the most to her and simply make a donation in her name — because that’s what a gift from the heart is all about.

15. Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts: A call or FaceTime from you.

If you can’t be together right  now, this may be the most meaningful of all. Just don’t forget her.

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