While we’re all for jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and maybe even Peeps (well, some of them…), if you’re looking to fill your kid’s Easter basket with some non-candy Easter basket gifts, we’ve got you covered with some of these super cool ideas that they’ll love.

And be sure to browse our entire collection of Easter gifts and sweet treats for even more ideas—but hurry! Easter hops onto the scene on April 9th this year.

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This post has been updated for 2023.

The coolest non-candy Easter basket gifts for 2023, all under $15.

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Paint-your-own Easter egg kit from Mondo Llama at Target is only $5.

Mondo Llama Paint-Your-Own Easter Eggs Kit ($5 at Target)
It’s a craft and a keepsake and comes adorably packaged in an egg carton — and the set of 12 makes it perfect for lots of kids (just grab a few extra paint brushes to share!)

Super Smalls Everyday Sparkle sticker set is a fun Easter basket gift

Everyday Sparkle Sticker Book ($15 at Super Smalls)
Boys and girls will love these sparkly gems which will complement their Easter finest, whatever they end up wearing.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Hop Hop board book by Leslie Patricelli

Hop Hop board book by Leslie Patricelli ($7.51 on Amazon)
One of our favorite board books for little ones who will ask you to read it all year.

Smencils are a great non-candy Easter gift under $15.

Smencils 5-pack of spring scented pencils ($9.19 on Amazon)
Mmm…jelly bean, bubble gum, and cotton candy scents—and the scents really last!

Non-candy Easter treats under $15: Bunny training chopsticks from LouLou Lollipop

LouLou Lollipop Bunny training chopsticks ($12 at Magic Beans)
Easter dinner will be a lot more fun with these adorable training chopsticks shaped like a bunny. Think it can pick up a peeled egg?

Love this affordable trio of bunny soaps from Bumble Bar Soaps.

Handmade bunny glycerin soap set ($5 for set of three from Bumble Bar Soaps on Etsy)
Hurry if you want a whole bunch of these tiny soaps– the maker ships really quickly!

TONYMOLY bunny gloss bar for your teen's Easter basket.

TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar ($8 each on Amazon)
Adds just a little shine to their perfect faces.

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Meri Meri's two-pack of Easter coloring posters is a great gift for under $15.

Meri Meri Easter coloring posters ($12 for two posters at Target)
Great for sharing, these coloring posters will make a fun activity to do after the egg hunt is complete.

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Party bunny temporary tattoo

Party bunny temporary tattoo ($7.50 at Perfectly Smitten)
Tattytoo’s design is too cute!

Eco-Kids egg sidewalk chalk for a non-candy Easter basket treat.

Hopscotch egg sidewalk chalk ($12.99 from Eco-Kids at Magic Bean)
What better way to say, “get outside! It’s spring!” Love these six pretty pastel, half-egg shapes packed in a mini egg carton.

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This bunny ramekin is a cute non-candy Easter treat for under $5.

Stoneware Bunny Ramekin (on sale for $2.99 at Michaels)
Oven and microwave safe for all those nibbles your bunnies may crave.

Non-candy Easter gift for toddlers: This LEGO DUPLO carrot building toy.

LEGO DUPLO Growing Carrot ($9.99 at LEGO)
What’s up Doc? This is the perfect first LEGO Easter set for toddlers and preschoolers.

Non-candy Easter basket gifts under $15: Funny bunny sleep masks in set of 4.

Set of 4 Fuzzy Bunny sleep masks ($14.99 on Amazon)
If they work, that’s a lot of zzzzzz’s.

These non-candy Easter egg shakers are a great gift for under $10.

Wooden painted egg shaker six-pack($9.99 on Amazon)
The classic percussive egg shaker is fun for toddlers and bigger kids. And a lot nicer sounding than a kazoo.

Cool non-candy Easter gift for teens: A surprise Kidrobot + Andy Warhol Dunny figure.

KidRobot x Andy Warhol Dunny minifigure ($12.99/blind box)
Such a cool gift for an art-and-graphics loving teen who is just so over all the cutesy bunny stuff.


Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Sugar Rush candy-scented gel pens

Sugar Rush candy-scented gel pen pack ($13.79 at Target)
Smells like candy…but it’s not!

Non-candy Easter gift under $15: Peeps socks

“Express Your Peepsonality” Crew Socks ($8.95 at Peeps and Company)
Peeps, without the sugar rush.

Crazy Aaron's Easter Thinking Putty is a great non-candy gift.

Crazy Aaron’s Easter Bloom Thinking Putty ($4 mini tin)
Grab a few of these tiny tins for their Easter baskets—kids love to squish this stuff.

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo: An Easter basket book for progressive families

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo book ($16.99 on Amazon, with 100% of the profits going to non-profits)
This best-seller from Last Week Tonight writer Jill Twiss is still the Easter gift of the year for progressive families. A bit higher than our $15 budget, but with all the funds going to The Trevor Project and AIDS United, we think it’s worth it. . .especially this year.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Dino Egg Excavation Kit

National Geographic dino egg dig kit ($14.99 at Michael’s)
For kids more interested in “hatching” a dino than cuddling with little chicks and bunnies.