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Valentine's Day Kids Duds Guide

Valentine’s day: Marketer-invented holiday? Or opportunity to express your undying devotion for the ones you love while scarfing some full-fat truffles?

Whichever camp you’re in, we hope you’ll leave the cutesie heart-wearing to the kiddies on the fourteenth. You're probably too cool to deck yourself out, but you have to admit, there’s something to be said for a classroom full of kids with heart stickers on their cheeks and red shoes on their tootsies.
While we think there are better uses of your hard-earned money than clothing the kiddos in VALENTINE’S DAY 2007 one-time use gear, we’ve found a few fantastic heart-themed duds that you won’t mind dressing them in the other 364 days a year either.
Valentine’s Day just doesn’t lend itself to a plethora of boyswear, unless you’re cool putting your little man in pink tees with hearts up the sleeves. And maybe you are. But for the rest of you, we’ve got a few thoughts.
For your littlest valentine, the mom tattoo baby shoes at Angelica Grace Designs show the world where his heart truly lies, at least for another few years. Similarly, check out the subtle mom tattoo onesie from Small Roar where only the sleeve gives away his true feelings. Or consider putting your older boy in the very rockin’ mommyheart tee before sending him off to hand out valentines at FiveToOne. Because even future hotel room trashers love their mamas like nobody’s business.
If you’re the proud parent of a girl, this holiday is a photo op in the making. If it’s her first February 14th, deck her out in Random Nicole’s funky heart onesie, keep it clean with Waves and Wasabi’s Love You to Death bib, and keep her little hands busy with one of these absolutely fabulous heart-adorned handmade rattles straight from South America.
For your older daughter, the guitar girl tee from Random Nicole will be the first one she picks out on laundry day each week. But we also love the robot heart tees from Dirty Laundry. And good luck getting her out of Dolca’s heart-accented mommy dress once she tries it on.
If you’re worried that red and white will be soooo o-vah by the 15th, you’ll love the handmade blue heart onesies from One Little Monkey. Or let an older girl pick out her own heart colors on a custom heart tee from the talented handsewing virtuosos at Playdate NYC.
And don’t forget to accessorize! There are four different colors of the ridiculously cute Mary-Jane style Love shoes from Vincent, and only one of them is red. Do you dare go with the black? We also adore the smiley heart watch from Fred Flare – you just may want to keep it for yourself.
Whatever you plan on dressing your darling in that Wednesday morning, finish the look with a pair of Babylegs leggings in cinnamon or pink polka dot . With nary a heart to be found, you can be assured of keeping the kiddo cute without once being accused of succumbing to a Hallmark holiday.

Our Favorite January Picks

No need to bribe my daughter out of her ballet ensemble every morning thanks to the awesome tutu tops from Little Boogaloo. Too bad they don't make them in my size. -Kristen

Too many crayon marks and spilled juice boxes mean that our current coffee table has seen better days.  I've got my eye on the custom jigsaw puzzle tables from Edesse Designs: a functional (and funky!) replacement that will look great in our living room. -Nancy

My January pick is the adorable hooded poncho by Skipping Hippos. Here in Florida the winters are pretty mild so ponchos, which my daughter happens to love, are a stylish choice for those cool but not cold days. -Izzy

I'm gaga for the modern name prints from collage artist Ida Pearle.  And I love that you can even customize the hair color and skin color of the character. This is real art your kid can admire forever--not some craft project with your kid's name scribbled in a glitter pen. -Liz

The New Amsterdams' Matthew Pryor shows the world that he has as much kindie rock cred as indie rock cred with the Terrible Twos' new release, If You Ever See an Owl... No hip kids CD collection will be complete without it.  -Staff

I'm finished having babies, and I've got my fingers crossed that I'm only about six months away from getting rid of diapers altogether.  But I'm still tempted to buy one of these chic bags from JP Lizzy.  Who says I have to put diapers in it anyway?  -Julie

February Calendar: Always an Excuse to Shop

Black History Month

Condom Month

Chocolate Month

2nd Week of February - Flirting Week

3rd week of February - Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 2 - Groundhog Day

February 6 - Zsa Zsa Gabor's Birthday

February 7 - Girls and Women in Sports day

February 14 - Valentines Day

February 27 -  Polar Bear day

Happy February, dear readers.
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