The First Ever 2008 Cool Mom Picks Father's Day Gift Guide
Childish Clothing

June 15 will be on you before you know it, which is why we're helping busy moms out with our first ever Father's Day Gift Guide. It's been graciously brought to you by popular demand as well as the the ever wonderful Diaper Dude - makers of some of the cooler bags for dad type guys out there.

Our picks, as always, are entirely, completely advertorial free; just the stuff we love from the far corners of the web to help you spark a few ideas besides drill bits and boxer shorts.

Happy shopping!

(Shirt via Childish Clothing)


For the King of the Burbs

Patio Daddy-O at the GrillIf he's at home on the range, or any sort of outdoor fire-making device, we'd love to hook him up with the $1400 stainless steel Weber Summit. That being a bit out of budget for most, we'll settle for a set of the very smart mom-invented Grill Charms. ($19.95)

Bookish Dad: Provided he doesn't already own a copy of Bobby Flay's Grill It! ($23), grab the brand new retro-fab Patio Daddy-O at the Grill.

The Card to Match: The Vintage Silhouette Father's Day card from Chicago's Silhouette Blue is a stylish throwback to the daddy days of yore.

*Free shipping on the Vintage Silhouette Father's Day card through 5/30/2008 - no code required

For the Wannabe Rock Star

Lynn Goldsmith Rock N RollFor something inexpensive but heartfelt, make him a killer mix for his iPod (awwwww) along with a fun new iPod speaker - we love the one that looks like a brightly-colored LEGO for the young at heart. ($19.75) Or splurge and make his gift a family affair with tickets to Chicago for the Kidzapalooza festival in August featuring insanely good bands and all kindsa fun activities for the coolest families.

Then again, you can always pick up Guitar Hero III for the Wii, PS2 or XBox ($59-69) and make him feel like his own legend of rock. Even if his groupies are only his own kids.

Bookish Dad: Lynn Goldsmith's amazing Rock N Roll coffee table book with a foreword by Iggy Pop. ($29)

The Card to Match: The handmade, customizable My Hero card from Baby K Creations actually features a Guitar Hero guitar on the front. So clever.

For the Proud as Anything Expectant Father
Bird Dog BayIf he just can't wait to get his first Father's Day neckwear, check out the 1st Class Delivery ties from Bird Dog Bay featuring a stork motif - there's one just for boys and one for girls. You can also hook him up with a new brag book or the manly leather album from Red Stamp ($30) all ready to fill with oodles of baby pics. But if you really want to make him cry, gift wrap one of the My Dad is My Hero kids tees or onesies from Childish. ($36, at top) Whether or not there's a kid around to wear it just yet.

Bookish Dad: Father Knows Best ($26) a gift collection of three of our favorite new dad titles including Armin Brott's awesome The Expectant Father.

The Card to Match: We're on the fence about cards for dads-to-be. Instead, get him the Dad To-Do list and write him thoughtful note, you know, along with the list of baby gear he needs to assemble. ($11.99 at Wry Baby).

*25% off your order at Bird Dog Bay with code COOLMOMPICKS

*15% off your order at Red Stamp with code CMFD15 through 6/15/2008


Diaper Dude

For the New Dad Who's Going to Put All Other New Dads to Shame

Diaper Dude Dad Survival KitLA's Diaper Dude is slowly cornering the market on cool bags for dads that don't scream PURSE! PURSE! And that's a good thing. We like the faux leather Messenger Bag  ($135) or the Survival Kit  ($110) which has pretty much everything he needs to spend full days on the town with the bambino. Except the diapers, and lessons on how to change them.

For that, throw in a copy of the excellent The Goodfather CD-ROM ($29.95) which is both informative and funny. Just what new dads need.

Bookish Dad: Start building the daddy library. He'll spend many nights reading the kiddo to sleep with Karen Katz's Daddy Hugs 1-2-3

The Card to Match: Alternate Greetings' First Father's Day Card has us giggling. A lot. ($3)

*Free upgrade to USPS Priority Mail shipping on all orders at Dr.MOZ through 6/15/2008 - no code required (just select standard shipping)

*Cards 4 for $10 at Alternate Greetings through 6/10/2008; mention COOLMOM when ordering by email

For the Sentimental Grandpa

tj&co Photo Money ClipDownload the Picaboo software for free and you can make some swell-looking photo books without even having to upload photos to a program. It's super affordable too. ($9.99 - 49.99 for Italian leather)

If you want to go a little swankier, tj & co has a whole bunch of sterling photo keepsakes for grandpas who love flashing pics of the kids any chance they get. We're partial to the photo money clips ($150).

Bookish Dad: Between Me and You Grandpa, a fill-in-the-blank journal of memories (also available for dads, sons and the rest of the family - $14.95).

The Card to Match: You've got to have the grandkids make the card. Get construction paper.

*Save 50% on orders at Picaboo with code 1P50PO-SE

*15% off orders at tj&co with code CMP15 through 6/15/2008

For Mr. Cliché Baseball Addict Guy

A Plus A Studio CardAside from the old two tickets to a baseball game gift (which always rocks), for something really special we can't resist the ballpark cufflinks from Red Envelope made from actual salvaged pieces of stadium seats around the country. ($150+) Although the ESPN Ultimate Remote ($299) will have him panting before he opens the box.

Bookish Dad: Dingers: A Short History of the Long Ball by Peter Keating is a great read on the history and spectacle of the home run.

The Card to Match: A Plus A Studio's custom card includes a replica vintage trading card. ($5)

For the Metrosexual Who Doesn't Know He's a Metrosexual

Shaving KitThe Art of Shaving makes a $550 luxury handcrafted shaving kit which definitely gives new meaning to "the best a man can get." Does it work better than the ones at the drugstore? We plead the fifth. If you're intrigued but not rich, stick with their $60 carry-on kit

Bookish Dad: The best-reviewed, best-selling wine book ever, Kevin Zraly's hardcover Windows on the World Complete Wine Course. ($15)

The Card to Match: The Good Looking Man About Town card from Handsome Devil Press. Natch. ($3.50)

For the Dad Who Still Resents You For Banning His Bud Posters

Dennis Anderson Guinness SoapTell him to get his own beer...with the Microbrewery Beermaking Kit ($49.95) from the aptly named Mr. Beer.  Or tease him a little with one of Dennis Anderson's acclaimed homemade soaps made with actual Guinness Stout. ($5) No, we haven't tried it yet, but really - does it matter?

Bookish Dad: Camra's London Pub Walks. And a plan to spring for plane tickets when the dollar shapes up.

The Card to Match: The folded gocco Cheers! art card from Etsy's Two Guitars ($2.50) could be the one he actually saves.

*10% off all soaps at Anderson Soap Co. - mention Cool Mom Picks at checkout and wait for a revised invoice


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