The 2009 Father's Day Gift Guide

We think the vast majority of dads out there deserve a little more than a day to themselves on Father's Day. While of course they'll treasure the handmade cards and crayon drawings best of all, we don't know too many dads that wouldn't be thrilled with a little something else.

And don't miss our sponsor and CMP reader favorite Julian and Co, which has tons of great keepsake gifts for special dads.

(Psst, you can also check our For the Menfolk archives on site for some great ideas from years past that never go out of style.)

For the dad who's a little bit rock n roll

The guitar string bracelets from Wear Your Music once graced the Gibsons and Fenders of legends from Pete Townshend to Tenacious D. Plus a portion goes to the artist's pet charity. ($75 and up) Or grab him a subscription to Guitar Affair which is like Netflix - for guitars! Now all you need is a sound-proof basement studio. ($50 membership fee)

Sustainable wood compass for Father's Day

For the armchair adventurer

Get him away from the Travel Channel long enough to climb his own rock wall, experience llama trekking, go whale watching or get his crazies out on a paintball field. All it takes is one of the absolutely fantastic Adventure Gift Boxes from Giftybox. ($89) If he's really up for something adventurous, throw in this gorgeous handcrafted compass made of sustainable wood, and make sure he finds his way home. ($24 at Areaware)

Daddy diaper bag for Father's Day
For the first time dad-to-be who's more excited than maybe you?

Let him start practicing the dad look with the stylish Journey Pack ($159 at Giggle), one of the nicest diaper bags we've ever seen, in part because it looks nothing like a diaper bag. Tuck in a copy of our perennial fave, The Goodfather CD-ROM, for a lesson in baby skills he can't refuse ($35 via Dr Moz). We also dig the funky, vintage Dad since 2009 tee ($28 at BRANDED) which looks fine rumpled. Good thing.


Julian & Co

Wooster St MeatsFor the die-hard, no holds barred, raging unapologetic carnivore dad

He always said he'd be happy up to his neck in prosciutto--now he can be, in one of the tees from Wooster St Meats which let him proclaim his favorite cured pork product for all the world. ($28+) If you really want to make his summer, sign him up for a gift pack from the inimitable Heritage Foods USA, like the 8 lb Rib Trifecta ($85) or the Recession Special Porterhouse Pork Chops ($75) and a copy of Dad's Awesome Grilling Book ($13.36 from Amazon)

herban cowboy cologneFor the do-gooding, big-hearted organic-loving metrosexual dad

We like the looks--and price-- of the natural, organic, fair trade, vegan certified, sweatshop-free Herban Cowboy Organic Grooming essentials packaged in recyclable packaging printed with soy inks. And no, it could not possibly have one more 2009 buzzword in it. (On Amazon, find a 3-pack of cologne, deodorant and milled soap for just $22.)

iWood iPhone caseFor the dad who won't put down the iPhone

1. The beautiful iWood wooden iPhone case, personally engraved. (about $110 US from Miniot)

2. The custom iPhone skins from Schtickers for just $14.95 that can include a photo of the family.

3. A whole day without you complaining about the iPhone.

Personalized tie tack for Father's DayFor the dandy

There are a lot of incredible baubles for guys out there, but for something really special, get one that's personalized. We love the  personalized tie tack rimmed in gold from tj&co--get one that simply says "daddy" and you can guarantee he'll wear it every Father's Day from here on out. ($100+) Little Jules also makes a pair of personalized cufflinks for dad with your baby's birth info engraved on one, and the baby's name and a teeny pair of handprints on the other. Sniff. Sniff. ($99)

Bespoke image case from Fine Art of FamilyFor the grandfather who deserves a serious, serious, "we love you Grandpa" gift

Decorate his coffee table with a professionally bound book from CMP fave Blurb ($12.95 and up)  - you provide the images and the words. And the Kleenex. On the other end of the spectrum, this sterling Bespoke Image Case is mindblowingly beautiful, and with a personal handwritten note from the kids engraved right in, it will put all those other nightstand photo frames to shame. ($1250+ from Fine Art of Family)

Star wars cufflinks - Geek Father's DayFor the dad who can quote every line from every Star Wars movie, even the bad ones.

We are cracking up over the selection of cufflinks made from Star Wars LEGOS ($18.99+ from Cufflinks on etsy). Or get him the  Roku Digital Video Player-- with access to 12,000 live streaming movies and shows via Netflix and Amazon, he just might broaden his horizons a bit. ($99 plus the cost of cables) You also might throw in a copy of Obsessed With Star Wars: Test Your Knowledge of a Galaxy Far, Far Away ($19 on Amazon)

my daddy and me bookFor Mr. Sentimental... from the baby

We're not sure who will love the personalized My Daddy books more -  him or the baby, when he gets to read it to him every night before bed. ($49.99+ from I See My Face)

... from the big kid

If you can't (or won't) go to one of those paint your own pottery places, Thomas Claire essentially brings the process home to you then ships it back beautifully finished. (From $40 for a mug kit)

silhouette baseball capFor the dad whose love for his kids well exceeds your budget

You don't need to spend a lot to get him something really sentimental and wonderful. Our favorite budget picks include the personalized baseball cap from Simply Silhouettes that let him wear his pride on his scalp. ($30) You can also frame a favorite photo of the kids - we love the very clever Doodlebook frame which is both a frame and a desk toy. ($18 from MOMA store). We also love the Zoom Albums ($30-33/set of 3), a pocket-sized brag book that you make yourself.

international rescue committeFor the dad who truly has everything he needs

Our readers flipped for the International Rescue Committee "From Harm to Home gift baskets" for Mother's Day, and now they're available for Father's Day too. Your donation supports a "basket" given to promote the recipient's pet cause from education to health, to help families around the world. And it's a great lesson for the kids about the real value of gift giving all at the same time. ($25 and up)