When my girls hit shoe sizes in the double digits, I was dismayed at
how grown up some of the styles were.  Heels for a preschooler?

Thankfully, the new line of fall shoes by Eleven, the big brother/sister line of CMP fave See Kai Run, gives my growing five
year old a slightly older look while still remembering that she may
want to climb a tree or turn an impromptu cartwheel.

My daughter loves her new funky orange Eleanor Mary Janes with their rubbery-gripping bottom and easy-on velcro
strap. I also love the sparkly silver Sofia’s, and the cool green and
black shoe for boys, the Iggy.

Although I tried to keep my daughter’s new Eleanors
as her “special event” shoes, she had other ideas, and has already
taken them for several scooter rides, a fierce game of tag and more
than a few dozen gymnastic moves. Thankfully, these shoes can take it. I have the evidence. –Christina

Free shipping through 11/20, whoo!

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