7 wonderful Thanksgiving children's books written from the Native perspective

While most Thanksgiving picture books haven’t yet caught up with the times, these alternatives are just wonderful.

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Why Boy Erased is the most important movie parents can see right now

Love, understanding and empathy: sometimes it feels like we’re in short supply.

The best photo booth apps to make your next party picture perfect

Holiday parties coming up? We’ve tried so many and it came down to these 5 winning photo booth apps.

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Representation FTW! Spawned Ep. 130

Representation FTW! Spawned Ep. 130

Whatever your feelings about what happened on November 6, 2018, we hope you can agree that it was an exciting, historic day for women. Over 100 women in Congress! YES! So, on this week's episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we're talking about Election Day, the...

11 great ideas to make the kids' table more fun at Thanksgiving

Hey, maybe these will even help the kids stay in their places until it’s time for pie!

So much coolness. Where to start…

Get well soon Ruth Bader Ginsburg! We need you!

I just received a news alert that our strong, feisty, beloved SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, fell and fractured three ribs last night. It's happened before (she evidently "did not skip a beat" during that time, according to the court because, RBG), and I know...

14 fun and easy Halloween crafts for prechoolers

We always love fun Halloween craft projects for our preschoolers and little kids, because it's one way to get them excited about Halloween that's (generally) non-caloric. And we're all about keeping it real with easy crafts because, hey, we're busy this time of year!...

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