Now that summer is here, our kids are looking for chances to bike, scoot, and skate to the park or pool with us. Yay for extra activity to wear them out, but we can’t help but think about their safety too. And we know it starts with a good helmet. The best helmet in the world won’t do any good, though, if your kid doesn’t want to wear it.

To help you out, I’ve spent hours searching our favorite shops (so you don’t have to) to find the very coolest bike helmets for kids. As in, ones they’ll actually want to wear. Our kids have given their thumbs up to all of these as definitely cool styles.

And parents, you’re in luck because a lot of these helmets come in adult sizes too.

At top: Ladybug helmet | Nutcase

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coolest bike helmets for kids: the Glacier Blue Bird by Bell design is awesome

Let’s start with this Glacier Blue Bird Brain helmet by Bell. Can’t you just see this awesomeness speeding down the street? Definitely so cool.

coolest bike helmets for kids: the Gotcha helmet from Nutcase is a hit

Matte black helmets have been trending lately, but my kids think the splats of color on this Gotcha helmet from Nutcase make this one so much cooler. Whether they think the splatters are from paintballs or their latest masterpiece, this one was a hit with our boys and girls.

coolest bike helmets for kids: the Classon helmet by Brooklyness is so much more than good looking

This Classon helmet from Brooklyness, which is on Kickstarter now, is so much more than just good looking: what’s so cool about this helmet is that it lets you know when cars are in your blind spot and also activates turn signals and brake lights, based on your body’s movement. They’ll have a junior size available, which makes it a smart choice for tweens who are starting to be more independent riders. And the big hole in the side makes it easy to chain the helmet to your bike when you lock it up, so this pricier one doesn’t get stolen.

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coolest bike helmets for kids: the Torch T2 helmet with headlights and brake lights - whoa!

My kids’ faces when they saw these sporty Torch T2 helmets was priceless — clearly, they thought these were very cool. With both headlights and brake lights, they’ll add a level of safety and peace of mind for me when they’re riding with their friends once the sun begins to set.

coolest bike helmets for kids: who can resist a BB8 helmet by Bell

Since we’re all still fully on the The Force Awakens bandwagon at our house, this BB8 helmet by Bell is one I’m sure my kids will all want to wear (even the 11-year-old gave it a thumbs up). The 3D details make it look extra cool, along with the authentic look of those smudges of dirt. But, if your kids prefer R2D2, there’s a helmet for that too.


Coolest bike helmets for kids: the watermelon helmet from Little Nutty by Nutcase is perfect for summertime

This is the original watermelon helmet from Nutcase, and it got big laughs all around — get it, a melon for your melon? Hilarious stuff. Of course, we’ve known photo real gifts are really popular with our kids, so this one shouldn’t have been a surprise.

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coolest bike helmets for kids: the Bandito Summer helmet from Bern -- classic

Simple and sporty, this Bandito Summer from Bern has been a favorite of ours for a while now. This bright color choice for summer (and the dozens or so other colors they have available for kids and adults too) make this a classic, can’t-go-wrong choice.

coolest bike helmets for kids: little monsters helmet from Nutcase is so cool

coolest bike helmets for kids: loving the quirky Little Monsters helmet from Nutcase

Neon colors plus monsters is pretty much perfection for my kids, and they all thought this Little Monsters helmet from Nutcase was cool and funny. I’m not sure if it’s connected to their former obsession with My Singing Monsters or just a general love for all things quirky, but this one was one of their favorites.


coolest bike helmets for kids: a police helmet from Kiddimoto -- yes!

I know plenty of kids who love to play dress up all the time, and why should they stop just to ride bikes? This Kiddimoto police helmet lets them stay in character (there’s a fire department one too) while they are outside and active. Just the way we like them.

coolest bike helmets for kids: Kiddimoto's pink goggles are pretty inventive

Or, stick with a summer dress-up theme with Kiddimoto’s Pink Goggle bike helmet. So cool. (And funny.)


coolest bike helmets for kids: bumblebee by Nutcase is the cutest

And, really, how adorable would your toddler be in this Bumblebee helmet from Nutcase while riding on a bumblebee Wheely Bee? Or a tricycle. Or scooter. This one is just downright cute. That said, if a ladybug (at very top) or cow is more your style, they’ve got those too.

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