We’ve got a few passionate skateboarders in our lives so we’ve been super excited to have the opportunity to spend some time searching around for cool skateboarding gifts then sharing our faves. We are stoked (see how we did that?) to welcome them, because, wow — we don’t know if this is a better gift for boarders, or for any parents who are constantly nagging them to get their skate gear off the floor!

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This post has been updated for 2020

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The Parking Block: A brand new skateboard stand that keeps boards safely off the floor, with wheels off the wall too.

If you have a boarder at home and are looking for some great gift ideas, be sure to grab a Parking Block in one of four cool colors. It’s like giving the gift of no arguing! Then, check out  some of these other fantastic skateboarding gifts, just in time for the holidays.


Cool Pico skate shoes from Lakai now available in kids sizes

Lakai Kids Skate Shoes

The iconic skate shoes from Lakai are now available in an increasing number of kids’ sizes, equally comfortable, shock-absorbent and yes, stylish.


Cool gifts for skateboarders: 32mm Termite skate wheels, perfect for beginning tricks and steady park or street skating

Termite Tommy Wheels

These rad 52mm wheels are help keep smaller riders steady for street skating, skate parks, or beginning trick riding. ($22, UExtremo)



GoPro Hero 4 Edition: Now lighter, more compact, and way more affordable

GoPro Hero

Small, lightweight, waterproof, and fairly affordable. Comes with various frames, mounts and buckles, but you’ll want to add the optional Helmet Front Mount. (Prices vary, Amazon)

The Parking Block Skateboard Stand: genius idea for keeping boards off the floor, and wheels away from the walls

The Parking Block Skateboard Stand keeps boards stashed safely vertically or horizontally, and off the floor

The Parking Block Skateboard Stand

While they’re former sponsor, we’re still delighted to recommend this brilliantly designed stand which holds boards safely in place either vertically or horizontally — and off the floor! It keeps wheels away from the walls so yay for that (says the parents), and it’s so durable you can stash it in the garage or even right outside your door. Your house, your rules, right? Plus it’s from an entrepreneurial, small Californai-based business that’s created something really smart and useful. ($17.95 and up, Amazon, in multiple colors)

Handmade Arbor Collective Pocket Rocket skateboard : Great stability for learning tricks, or skating streets or skate parks

Handmade Skateboards from Arbor

A fun, zippy little offering from the artisans at Arbor Collective who are committed to sustainable practices, supporting local artists, and making darn good boards. (prices vary, Amazon or through Arbor Collective)



One-of-a-kind watches made from upcycled skateboard decks. So cool!

Watches made from upcycled skate decks

Each one-of-a-kind watch is handmade in Canada, and very, very cool. ($199+ at 2nd Shot Canada)



Cool skateboarder gifts: Thrasher Magazine annual subscription

Thrasher Magazine Subscription

12 months, plus a free tee. Sweet. ($17.95, Thrasher)





Cool gifts for skaters: Skateboard patent drawing t-shirt in youth + adult sizes

Double Kick Skateboard Patent Art Tee

The original vintage patent drawing on a tee in youth through adult sizes.  ($21 and up, Patent Prints)


Cool gifts for skateboarders: Toyboarders Skate Series are like the old fashioned little green army men, refashioned as skaters

A.J’s Toyboarders Skate Set

Like, they totally look like little green army men dude. Only, they don’t. ($6.99, Amazon)



Cool gifts for skateboarders: iPhone case made from upcycled decks

Upcycled skateboard iPhone case

Made for iPhone 6/6S, or kind of makes you want to get one if you don’t already have it. ($30 for iPhone 12 Mini, Recover, with free US shipping)

Cool gifts for skateboarders: The Polar Skate No Comply Cap

Polar Skate Caps

Straight outta Malmö.  ($40, Skate Warehouse)


Build your own custom skateboard starting at just $99 from Zumiez

Build-Your-Own Custom Skateboard

Don’t know what your boarder wants? We bet he or she does. Start here. ($99-119, Zumiez)