I’ve been fortunate to have lots of neighbors with green thumbs, who generously offer me the extra spoils of their backyard gardens.

Poketo Foodie Garden Kits on Cool Mom Picks

But this year, mostly due to the begging of my children, I’ve decided to give gardening a try myself, and these kits might be the perfect place to start.

The new Foodie Garden Kits at Cool Mom Picks fave Poketo give you everything you need to start a little home garden, including coco fiber wafers, seeds, and the very important instructions, all packed in convenient rectangular tin planter.

Poketo Foodie Garden Kits on Cool Mom Picks

You can group hot peppers, tomatoes, or what I think I’m going to start with, basil (pictured), all of which are packaged in a cardboard wrap featuring funky illustrations making this a cool gift idea as well. And one that could mean many months of yummy veggies and herbs right from your (or someone else’s) own backyard. Score! Kristen

You can purchase the new Foodie Garden Kits at Poketo

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