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“Cool Mom Tech has been a great partner for us. Not only were they easy to work with and nimble, but they honed in on our key target to deliver relevant and credible content on our client’s behalf.” – Edelman PR

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We have opportunities for small businesses, affiliate partners, and big brands who want to go all out for a product launch or major campaign effort. We have tons of options to partner together on our site, our gift guides, our social channels, or through our newsletter that reaches 100,000 subscribers. But we love getting creative with brands that our readers will love.

Please contact our Chief Revenue Officer and Director Brand Partnerships, Stefan DeCota at for a media kit or to schedule a time to talk. He’s a cool dad and youll love him.

Things we don’t do: Accept money to place an undisclosed do-follow link in an article or publish “guest posts” written by your SEO companies, so don’t even ask. We also don’t accept gift cards or products for “payment,” and if you get paid in gift cards yourself, you need to have a sit-down with your boss. 

More Reasons to Work With Us:

“Cool Mom Picks is my secret weapon. When we launched Alpha Mom Labs, CMP was our only activation partner, helping us raise awareness and build our database literally overnight. Not only did their dedicated email help us exceed registration goals by 500%, but our signups were of the highest quality.” -Isabel Kallman, CEO Alpha Mom

“We habitually see strong sales and a steady stream of visitors to our site whenever we partner with Cool Mom Picks. We absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a strategic, professional relationship with a leading mom influencer site.” — Tea Collection

“The exceptionally talented team at Cool Mom Picks has helped Minted reach and convert design-savvy parents with cleverly differentiated ad campaigns. We look forward to working with the CMP team for years to come.” – Minted

“With style-conscious moms being one of our key targets, we’ve come to rely on Cool Mom Picks to consistently deliver this audience to us in a very cost-efficient manner.  We’ve tried a variety of executions with them from banners to dedicated emails and they always produce great results.” – Monica Rich Kosann’s MRK Style fine jewelry

“Of any online editorial we’ve had over the last several years, CMP is consistently the #1 driver of new traffic (and quality traffic) to our site. I don’t know what is in that magic CMP fairy dust you have sprinkled on us, but whatever it is, we LOVE it and like to hook a big ol’ bucket of it to dump on us as we walk in the door of our office every day.” –Daina Nadler, Director of Marking and Sales at MD Moms, Makers of Baby Silk