I’m not one for fruity candy, so “taste the rainbow” never sounded like such a good thing to me. But now, as the mom of a preschooler and a school-aged kid, I have a new appreciation for the appeal of all those rainbow recipes and rainbow-colored snacks we see all over Pinterest. My kids love multicolored treats any day of the year, but I’m especially eager to try these gorgeous rainbow recipes on St. Patrick’s Day as an alternative to everything green.

The rainbow cake has gotten all of the internet glory, but if you ask me, these Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes (above) from Sprinkle Bakes win the pot of gold. Besides being totally gorgeous, this recipe calls for a single cupcake batter and the simple task of dividing your icing between 7 bowls, each for a quick mix of color. Heather even provides step-by-step photos that show you how to get your icing picture prefect.


Rainbow recipes - Rainbow Cheesecake for St. Patrick's Day at Bake-A-Boo | Cool Mom Picks

If you’re still sold on rainbow cake, why not try a twist on the traditional? This gorgeous pastel rainbow cheesecake from Bake-A-Boo takes a bit of work, but once you get the cheesecake batter colored with all of its lovely pastel hues, it’s a simple matter of pouring layers. (And sprinkles. Don’t forget those sprinkles.)


Rainbow recipes - Rainbow Pudding for St. Patrick's Day at Make | Cool Mom Picks

A batch of Rainbow Pudding is a perfect no-bake holiday treat. Most rainbow pudding recipes call for store-bought instant pudding, but I love how this one by Katie of Good Life Eats, spotted on Make, uses a very simple and quick scratch pudding. If you want to keep the whole thing natural, substitute natural food coloring for the traditional variety.


Rainbow Pancakes recipe for St. Patrick's Day at Oh Joy | Cool Mom Picks

Starting St. Patrick’s Day with these playful rainbow pancakes from Oh Joy could make any kid feel like the luckiest. Joy shared these as part of her Make Someone Happy series, which couldn’t be more perfect. Just watching her video will make you smile.


Rainbow recipes - multicolored popsicles for St. Patrick's Day at 84th and 3rd | Cool Mom Picks

Of course I have to offer up at least one healthy rainbow recipe option. Take a look at these beautiful Rainbow Whole Fruit Ice Pops from 84th and 3rd. Fresh fruit with natural mixers like coconut milk, maple syrup, lime juice, and sparkling water make this rainbow selection of popsicles a perfect St. Patrick’s Day—or any day—after school treat.


Rainbow Alphabet Cookie recipe at I Am Baker | Cool Mom Picks

Is it a snack or a fun spelling lesson? These rainbow alphabet cookies from I Am Baker are perfectly adorable!


Rainbow striped cookies at I Am Baker | Cool Mom Picks

Rainbow cookies for St. Patrick's Day at I Am Baker | Cool Mom Picks

As if the alphabet cookies weren’t enough, Amanda also threw together these other rainbow cookies with the extra icing. You know, for fun. She doesn’t include a recipe or instructions and, frankly, I’m cool with that since I know I will never do what it takes to make these. But they sure are amazing to look at!