14 Easy Homemade Food Gifts To Make Besides Cake and Cookies


Homemade food gifts: diy snowy chocolate pinecone treat

While there are tons of recipes out there for phenomenal holiday cookies (we’ve offered up plenty of our own), we went beyond the butter and sugar and tracked down 14 spectacularly cool and yet fairly easy homemade food gifts. From sweet to savory to everything in between, we’d happily indulge in any one of these, any season at all. And if you do make one, you’d be darn well Instagram them and share them with us so we can ooh and ahh over your culinary mastery!


diy snowy chocolate pinecone treat

(recipe at Handmade Charlotte)
Total win.

Homemade food gifts: diy herb infused honey

diy herb infused honey

(recipe at Simple Bites)
Around our homes, we can never have enough honey. This gift would be so welcome.

Homemade food gifts: diy orange fig and sage chutney

homemade orange fig and sage chutney

(recipe at Food52)
They had us at fig.

Homemade food gifts: diy infused vodkas

diy infused vodkas

(recipe at My Baking Addiction)
Fun gift for a new mom who can finally experience a little holiday cheer after those dry 40 weeks.

Homemade food gifts: DIY hot sauce kit at Provisions by Food 52

homemade hot sauce

($44 kit, Provisions by Food 52)
Grab this DIY deluxe hot sauce kit by Grow & Make and you have everything you need for 6 bottles. Including the bottles.

Homemade food gifts: diy nutella

homemade nutella

(recipe at Deliciously Organic)
And if you want to do more with it than package it up, check out our roundup of delicious nutella recipes.

Homemade food gifts: diy chocolate marshmallow pops

diy chocolate marshmallow pops

(recipe at White on Rice Couple)
Marshmallows are the new cake pops. Thank goodness, because you can’t really mess these up.

Homemade food gifts: salted caramel sauce

homemade salted caramel sauce

(recipe at Table for Two)
Isn’t your mouth already watering?

Homemade food gifts: diy marinated feta jar

diy marinated feta jar

(recipe at Half Baked Harvest)
Savory homemade food gifts can stand out, when everyone else is baking cookies.

Homemade food gifts: whiskey honey toasted walnuts

homemade whiskey honey toasted walnuts

(recipe at Dine & Dish)
When the kids are nestled all snug in their beds.

Homemade food gifts: vanilla extract

homemade vanilla extract

(recipe at bell’alimento)
Always a go-to gift, and really really easy. Just invest in some nice bottles.

Homemade food gifts: diy chocolate peppermint spoons

diy chocolate peppermint spoons

(recipe at Jelly Toast)
A great food gift when you have a whole gaggle of kids to shop for.

Homemade food gifts:  maple candied bacon

homemade maple candied bacon

(recipe at The Clever Carrot)
We don’t even care if bacon is so 2013. Wrap with wax paper and throw into a box for the way to our hearts.

Homemade food gifts: just the marshmallows gift jar

just the marshmallows gift jar

(tutorial at Buzzfeed, $7+ for marshmallows at Cereal Marshmallows)
Okay this might win everything.


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