Funny holiday hostess gifts for the hostess with the mostess sense of humor

Holiday hostess gifts: He Sees You When You're Drinking ornament

Every year, we love digitally¬†window shopping for the kinds of fabulous holiday hostess gifts that will guarantee you a return invitation next ¬†year. But this year, we thought, let’s find the stuff that really stands out among the bottle openers and vases and cut flowers. ¬†And so, we present our favorite funny hostess gifts that we hope¬†strike the right balance of style and humor. Just think twice before you give some of these to your grandma.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. Discount codes expire 12/31/15.



He Sees You When You’re Drinking ornament

Because it’s true. ($8 at Urban Outfitters)


More Whiskey Please teacup

More Whiskey Please teacup

She can save it until the morning after the party. ($12 at Urban Outfitters)

Holiday hostess gifts: funny handkerchief set

Fake tears / ugly crying / hot mess handkerchief set

The perfect gift for a BFF who overcommitted a wee bit to her relatives this holiday season. ($12 set or $5 each at Fairgoods)

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Holiday hostess gifts: Christmas character headband pack

Christmas character headband pack

Just add a smartphone camera and voila! Instant photo booth at the party. ($17 at Brit + Co)

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Holiday hostess gifts: Manatee tea infuser

Mana-tea infuser

Is he struggling to get out? Or get in? ($14.99 at Modcloth)


Holiday hostess gifts: Samurai Santa Sugar Cookie Kit

Samurai Santa sugar cookie kit

While you’re at it, put it on our own lists, too. ($9.60 at Nordstrom)

Holiday gifts for women: My Pet Peeves mini inner thoughts journal

My Pet Peeves mini inner thoughts journal

For things like, people who don’t hold the elevator door when they see you running. Or¬†people who bring wine to your dinner party then open it and drink it all themselves. Not that we know anyone like that.¬†¬†¬†($10 at Knock Knock)

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Holiday hostess gifts: Santa's Secret Stash Holiday Gift Pack by Cool Mom Picks for Mouth

Holiday hostess gifts: Santa’s Secret Stash Holiday Gift Stocking by Cool Mom Picks for Mouth

We specially curated this collection of only the very best chocolate treats, all wrapped up in its own stocking. This is the good stuff, that Santa keeps away from the kids. You want one for everyone on your list. Trust us. ($60 at MOUTH)

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Funny print-your-own wine labels for holiday hostess gifts

Funny Print-Your-Own Wine Labels

Buy the labels, then start designing your own fun sayings. These will get you started, but we’d love to see what you come up with.¬†¬†(Inspiration at Vine Pair;¬†Avery wine labels¬†$9.76 at Amazon)


Funny hostess gifts: Elf food groups tea towel

Elf 4 Food Groups Tea Towel

We would of course put mulled wine somewhere in there, but you know. We’re not elves. ($10, Kitsch Studios)


Holiday hostess gifts: I Hate Kale cookbook

I Hate Kale cookbook

There there. Let it all out. You finally know you are not alone. ($15 at Shopbop)


Holiday hostess gifts: Merry F'in Christmas soy candle

Merry F’in Christmas soy candle

This is probably not one for your grandmother. Just a suggestion. ($18 at Miss Betty’s)

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Holiday hostess gifts: The Cake Crusader cake plate

The Cake Crusader cake plate

…he sees you when you’re raiding the leftover cake in the fridge in the middle of the night. (¬£25 at Jimbo Bart)

Holiday hostess gifts: Hooray! confetti holiday crackers

Hooray! confetti holiday crackers

This could be delightfully ironic, depending on how many relatives she is hosting this year. ($20 at Gracious Home)


Holiday hostess gifts: I Believe in Cheeses cheese board

I Believe in Cheeses cheese board

It is Christmas after all. ($41 at Cheesy Boards)

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Holiday hostess gifts: Sad gingerbread ornament

Sad gingerbread ornament

Aw, poor guy. Then again, his loss is your gain. ($18 at the Cool Mom Picks indie shop)
Update: Regretfully, the shop is no longer in operation. We hope you’ll find other cool stuff you love throughout our site.