Yes, you can purchase a "layette" as a baby gift–a complete set of boring onesies, bibs, and Victorian-era booties that I’m not sure ever make it out of the box, let alone the house. And then there are those sets that just make your ovaries hurt.That’s how I felt when I saw these adorable gift sets by Shannon by Hand. These totally handmade and 100% sweatshop free babyduds make you wanna go pump out a few more kids, just to be able to dress them up in Shannon’s chicly simple designs. I’m in love with the cow set, including the "grassy green" booties and matching hat. Pick one up for a friend who’s been very very good to you this year. However we can’t be heldresponsible for any envy that might ensue as a result–either the baby itself, or just his clothes. -Kristen

Tags: baby clothes

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