I’m a sucker for great wrapping. Yep, I’m the one at gift exchanges who instead of shaking the box and examining its size and shape picks a present solely on the pretty paper — even as I end up the proud owner of a new electronic nose hair trimmer.
This is not the case at Sofia Bean, where they make sure you’ll love the contents just as much as the package it comes in. Adorable but sturdy cardboard boxes can house your choice of charming interlock cotton onesies, bibs, pants or blankets, each adorned with cute embroidered animals. (Pick the sheep! Pick the sheep!)

It’s a shower-goer’s lifesaver, and a double-win for the new mama. Not only will she enjoy a sweet layette, but she’ll have a stylish place to store all the not-so-cute ones that her inlaws send her way. -Kristen

Tags: baby clothes

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