Since becoming a mother, I admit I’m a little lax about certain aspects of my appearance. However when it comes to my bags, I’m so picky that the folks at the local department store know me as The Crazy Purse Woman, who attacks them with questions like "can I get Purse A in the fabric of Purse B with the handles of Purse C?"The Crazy Purse Woman has found her answer: Jennifer Velarde’s 1154 Lill Studio, which allows you–get this–to totally design your own bag online. You choose from more than twenty different shapes, from small cosmetic cases and clutches, to roomy totes and diaper bags. Next mix and match from among several hundred designer fabrics, and in a few weeks, you’ve got a bag that’s exactly 100% how you want it.
If this seems more overwhelming than appealing, don’t worry. They’ll be happy to consult with you to make sure you’re not inadvertently creating a fashion don‘t.
And justthink. Whensomeone asks who designed your bag, you canreply "Why me, of course." We think that’s almost as cool as the bag istelf. -Kristen

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