I used to live in Northern New Jersey, proudly known as "the embroidery capitol of the United States." Seriously. There’s even a sign proclaiming the honor that’s posted on the highway running through the town.

But two talented women in Santa Monica are giving New Jersey a run for its money. Kate Kirkpatrick and Jane Morris of Ohmababy are sisters-in-law and business partners who track down kitchy 30’s and 40’s-era vintage patterns, then embroider them on hand-sewn blankets, bibs, tea towels and napkins.
You can’t help but smile when you first set your eyes on the chubby baby on the Poppy Baby Blankie, or the luscious blonde on the Good Grooming Lingerie Bag, which looks swiped right off the nose of a World War II plane. What’s more, Jane will even embroider a name or short message right on the piece if you intend it as a gift.

New Jersey – you’d better be prepared to defend your title. I think these embroidery goddesses are about to snatch it away. – Julie


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