Moms of binky users know this scenario well: You give her the pacifier. She sticks it in her mouth, then spikes it on the floor. You dive to pick it up, wipe it off on the nearest sleeve, and pop it back in her mouth, all within the 5-second grace period you have before the wailing begins.Repeat.
Now we can’t get you a self-cleaning pacifier (although if there is one, you’ll hear it here first). But we can introduce you to this cool terry Pacifier Cloth from Koeka. Attach it to your child’s paci and not only does the tactile surface keep kids from tossing it to the ground, you’ve got a handy surface for wiping it off when it does, eventually, hit the ground. As you very well know it will. Besides, you’ll be sporting less gook on your sleeve. That’s worth the $9 right there. –Kristen

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