The combination of hormones and excitement forced me to buy umpteen pregnancy books that caused me anxiety for most of my pregnancy. Other than the few times I referenced them for help with weird uterus pangs and a description of "the mucus plug," the stack of them were better as a nursing stool than source of comfort.
This is certainly not the case forDeirdre Dolan and Alexandra Zissu’s book, The Complete Organic Pregnancy. The authors provide non-alarmist advice and sound support for going organic for those nine months, and they include plenty of practical tips that won’t send you into a tizzy about your current non-organic lifestyle. Non-judgmental pregnancy experts? Believe it.But my favorite parts of the book are the personal essays on all aspects of parenting from actual moms in the trenches. Who better to tell it like it is.
If you’re looking for tips on safe cleaners, cloth diapering, and organic foods to name just a few, this is book to grab. And at $10, you’ll have cash to spare –perhapsfor acute organic bedding set, sleep sack, or layette. You know where you can find those suggestions, right? -Kristen

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