Who knew that I’d ever be a blanket snob? But after receiving more baby blankets than I know what to do with, I admit I’ve become a bit particular about which ones to wrap my sweet baby in and which to save for…well, something. If you’re like me, you’ll love the fabulous handmade "blanquilts" at Cool Mom Picks favorite Stella Bella Boutique. Choose from a huge selection of predesigned beauties or for theextra picky, owner/designer Erin McCabe will create a custom blanquilt just for you. If you’re a bit waryof ordering a custom blanket without seeing or feeling the fabrics, trust me they’re gorgeous. If you’re too much of a blanket snob to trust even another blanket snob, take comfort in the fact that Erin will work with you to design exactly what you would want if you make yourself.
You know. If you could actually make it yourself. -Kristen
Get 10% off your order with the code "bella" at checkout.


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