There have been a few occasions for which I have put aside my obsessive gift-picking regimen and sent a gift basket; Iblame it onpostpartum dementia. Not that all gift baskets are bad, but there always seems to be one or two lame additions hidden in there.That’s why I’m loving the Chicks Mix Gift Bags from Light My Fire Gifts. Mom and creator Jeri O’Mahoney carefully selects every item in her bags, including "chick-tested" and approvedgoodies like gourmetchocolates,organic tea bags, and gorgeous bracelets made by a women’s cooperative in India. As a special touch, she even includes a lovely little booklet full of wisdom by and about women.
It’s the perfect way to lift a good friend’s spirits, say thank-you, or make a new mom feel like a woman and not just a mom. And best of all, you know she’ll love every single thing inside.
If not? Tell her to regift it back to you. -Kristen


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