All the 3-going-on-14 little girl’s clothes have forced me to become a traditionalist when it comes to dressing my daughter. I’m into the fairly standard tops, bottoms, and dresses — no ridiculous mini skirts or shiny half-shirts for my toddler. But when it comes to shoes, I like to live on the wild side.
Maybe silver isn’t wild, but these adorable Oh-Five baby janes sure beat plain old black any day. Pair them with jeans or a dress, either way they’re sure to be a hit.Created bymoms Heather and Andrea who were looking for more stylish kid’s footwear, these shoes are not only made from machine washable leather, but they’ve got extra special traction (which admittedly doesn’t matter much in the 0-3 month size). We all know a great pair of shoes can make an outfit. Even if thewearer can’t yet dress herself.-Kristen
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