While I would like to think a picture of my children makes a wonderfulpresent anytime of year, I suppose there’s a limit to how often you can hastily drop a snapshot into a frame and send it off to the in-laws.Instead step up your gift-giving through Light Affection, a company created by mechanical engineer turned designer and artist, Lisa Mann. She’ll take your photo and through a very unique handcarving process, turn it into a piece that when backlit, because the most amazing lamp, nightlight, or cool bit of decor. By far one of the most inventive photo gifts, ever.For the priceof a decent frame alone (night lights start at $39.95),you’ll ensure the photo of your own
kids will stand out from the masses of other–far less cute–cousin’s photographs at Grandmom’s house. -Kristen
[Thanks Tracey!]


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