The Baby Grands kids' music CD
I’d like to thank Donny, Marc and Ben of Atlanta’s The Baby
for helping to bring my heart rate down after another “we’re
late!”, mad-dash to the car with the kids. Hearing their cool, Jack
Johnson-esque musical style paired with smart, amusing lyrics on their
self-titled debut kids’ CD was just what we needed to find our happy place

Overall, I’d described their style as laid-back with a beat. From songs like Wet Nosed Friend with its playful reggae feel,
to Diggin’ a Hole to China, notable for its REM-like vocals, The Baby Grands
CD is chock-full of memorable,
original songs for kids that won’t make adults reach for ear plugs. And my kids won’t want to admit it, but the
playful song Sugar Makes Me Loco is definitely true. If only their
grandmother remembered this truth before she doled out the lollipops
before bedtime. –Christina

Buy The Baby Grands’ debut album and find other band merchandise at Backspace Records.

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